Saturday, March 1, 2008

Every now and then I read something

written by someone who is supposedly knowledgeable about a subject, and when I get done I close my eyes and say, "I can't believe this guy wrote that." Such was this regarding conflict resolution and how to defeat terrorists.

In cases where a serious insurgency cannot be managed, the state and its supporters might consider an approach designed to deliberately encourage the insurgency to mutate into something less dangerous such as an organized criminal organization. This is never desirable, but there may be rare instances where organized crime is less of a threat than sustained insurgency. Call this strategic methadone. [p.52]

Now I have never claimed to be the brightest bulb on the tree. In fact I have often noted that I am humble and have every reason to be. But this just wipes me out.

First, the writer is saying that the terrorists are winning. See "cannot be managed."

So what's a country to do? Turn'em in into the Mafia!

Now leaving aside exactly how that is to be done, can't you just see this?

"Okay Mohamed, we'll split it like this. You get everything west of oil fields' mainteance facility.... OK? Mohamed.....? Put the sword down Mohamed..... |"

Wack... Thump.

Has anyone told this expert that the terrorists aren't interested in money?? They want power. And the sooner the better.

BTW - There is no truth to the rumor that the author was a Professor to Hussein Obama.


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Some odd thoughts

Peter Hitchens has a way with words. Read and think about the following.

I was struck last week by the treacly response given to the retirement of the grisly old monster, Fidel Castro. In so many leftist media, from the BBC to the Guardian, we were offered the usual muck about Cuba's supposedly excellent schools and health care, by people who referred to the pensioner tyrant by his Christian name, 'Fidel', as if he were a personal friend rather than one of the remotest and most inaccessible dictators in the world.

They also pretended that Cuba's 'National Assembly' was a real Parliament rather than what it is, an appointed chamber of toadies and puppets, and - though they claim to be outraged by the powerless British monarchy being handed on from father to son - they were un-outraged by the handing over of real supreme authority from brother to brother. Vertical inheritance is all wrong. Horizontal's cool. Republicans, they're so ridiculous, can you beat them?

What would these people think of someone who referred to General Pinochet as 'Augusto', or if he had handed over power to his sibling? And why - I'll come to this at length later - is Castro allowed to maintain the death penalty, and to keep his popularity with the Left , whereas if I say I'm in favour of it, I'm a pariah from one end of Islington to the other?

That is the question, eh?

Why do the sweethearts of the Left get a free pass? Do you think maybe some of the anti-war demonstrators could peel off and spend a few hours chanting, "No more executions in Cuba!" in front of the UN? No, of course not. It will never happen.

And then we have a great unwashed horde of people wandering around with Che T-shirts, many with terminal "ring around the collar." I wonder why none of them seem to know about things like this from their sainted killer.

One morning the horrible sound of that rusty steel door swinging open startled us awake and Che's guards shoved a new prisoner into our cell. His face was bruised and smeared with blood. We could only gape. He was a boy, couldn't have been much older than 12, maybe 14.

"'What did you do?' We asked horrified. 'I tried to defend my papa,' gasped the bloodied boy. 'I tried to keep these Communist sons of b**tches form murdering him! But they sent him to the firing squad.'"

Soon Che's goons came back, the rusty steel door opened and they yanked the valiant boy out of the cell. "We all rushed to the cell's window that faced the execution pit," recalls Mr. San Martin. "We simply couldn't believe they'd murder him! Then we spotted him, strutting around the blood-drenched execution yard with his hands on his waist and barking orders � the gallant Che Guevara.

"Here Che was, finally in his element. In battle he was a sad joke, a bumbler of epic proportions [for details see "Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant"], but up against disarmed and bloodied boys he was a snarling tiger.

"'Kneel Down!' Che barked at the boy.

"'ASSASSINS!' We screamed from our window. 'MURDERERS!! HOW CAN YOU MURDER A LITTLE BOY!'

"'I said, KNEEL DOWN!' Che barked again.

"The boy stared Che resolutely in the face. 'If you're going to kill me,' he yelled. 'you'll have to do it while I'm standing! MEN die standing!'

"COWARDS! MURDERERS! Sons of B**TCHES!" The men yelled desperately from their cells. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" HOW CAN ...?!"

"And then we saw Che unholstering his pistol. It didn't seem possible. But Che raised his pistol, put the barrel to the back of the boy's neck and blasted. The shot almost decapitated the young boy.

Do you think if they did know this, would they tear off their T-shirts?

And why doesn't the public get concerned and angry about someone with an agenda co-opting a well known and politically untouchable organization?

Michelle Dallacroce was hopping mad when she received a letter from Mothers Against Drunk Driving demanding she change the name of her organization, Mothers Against Illegal Aliens......

Virginia Faircloth, president and founder of MADD's York County, S.C., chapter, resigned last week after learning of the threat against MAIA, saying that MADD has turned a blind eye to the problem of drunken driving by illegal aliens.

She said she was told by national leaders to remove a link on her Web site to the Jackson-Avery Foundation, an organization she started with a friend whose husband was killed by an illegal alien driving drunk.

"They said their biggest concern was they didn't want anyone to think MADD was taking a stand on illegal immigration," Mrs. Faircloth said. "They worry too much about politics and they forget why they're there."

She said she confronted MADD National President Glynn Birch, who admitted the group hadn't sent letters to any other "Mothers Against" organizations.

Makes me want to call up my bank and start a monthly direct deposit contribution.


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