Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In case you forget what this election is all about,

I give you this article on the Supreme Court's
Hamdan vs Rumsfeld decision.

As you read this demand to ignore both of the other two branches of Government and find rights for terrorists being held to prevent them for attacking us, remember that this is with a court that has some degree of commonsense. Just think what will happen if either Hussein or Hillary is elected.

So I implore all of us to quit jacking around and elect McCain. He isn't perfect, but he is light years ahead of the alternatives!


The scary thing is... we know you wouldn't.

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Muslim censorship

done by the victim's country.

If Brigitte Bardot (73) had been fifty years younger, French President Nicolas Sarkozy might have made her France’s First Lady and her nude pictures might have been sold to help charities in Cambodia. Now, instead, the French are taking her to court.

The former French sex symbol stood trial in Paris today for “inciting racial hatred” against Muslims. The public prosecutor demanded that the former filmstar be given a two-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 15,000 euros.

In December 2006, Bardot wrote a letter to Sarkozy, then France’s Interior minister, to demand that Muslims anaesthesize their animals before slaughtering them. In her letter she said, referring to Muslims, that she is “fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its habits.”

Leave it to the French to do some really dumb things.

But then all of Europe seems to be doing them.

I knew there was something I liked about her....

Abbott and Costello

I need some grins. If you aren't a fan of the boys, then click on this link and prepare for a giggle or three.

Global Warming Kills

It appears I lost only three tomato plants, with no loss of the peppers, onions and cabbages. Of course cold damage doesn't always show up immediately, so there may be additional damage.

And then there is the problem of delayed planting which means waiting longer for fresh vegetables. No problem for me, I just go to WalMart and grumble as I pay the inflated prices. Of course that means that there will be less to buy other things, so the problem just tumbles down the line.

Others aren't so fortunate.

The world intelligentsia has been asleep at the wheel. While we rage over global warming, global hunger has swept in under the radar screen.

Of course the facts are that the elitists haven't been asleep. They have been very active screaming about GW, demanding that we reduce oil consumption without a single thought of how that could be done. Last year Mexico saw a huge run up in corn meal prices, and this was blamed, not on the demands of the GW crowd for ethanol, but on the Yankee. It will be worse this year. And without a closed border we will see huge increases in illegal aliens from the south.

Of course OPEC can also be blamed. Their sky high prices have also driven the demand for energy production from plants. Corn is the easiest and grows the best in temperate climates. Sugar is so plentiful that we subsidize prices which in turns suppresses production. Congress is not likely to change this for sugar or corn.

But the real villains have been those on the Left who have opposed every possible solution that would reduce our dependence on OPEC and foreign oil. Nuclear was not acceptable. New drilling off our coasts was not acceptable. New refineries couldn't be built lest we kill some wild life, etc., etc., etc.

Now we see gasoline above $3.30 and diesel above $5.00. Food prices are spiraling ever upward due to the cost of transportation and cultivation. And the increases in fertilizers and weed control chemicals are immense.

The Luddites have led us into an ambush. We need to take back control and turn technology, and diplomacy loose on the price of energy. Either that or you need to learn to raise a garden.

Taxes Due!!!

Don't forget to render unto Caesar!

BTW - All you good Lefties who think we need a tax increase can always pay an additional amount.

Just write a separate check for the amount to the US Treasury. Just note: "Donation" on the check and stick in the envelope.

May I suggest $100. each?? A modest amount but it will help pay for the rebuilding of New Orleans. A city built below sea level that people were surprised to learn would flood.

No, make it $200. We need to pay for bailing out all the folks who bought houses they couldn't afford and the bankers who got rich doing it by destroying the credit market.

No, make it $300. We need to bail out Medicaid that's going broke taking care of illegal aliens.