Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What Bush did before 9/11

One more time I read this false narrative…Bush and Cheney failed to protect the country and 9/11 happened.

Now I am not a big fan of Bush. He started losing me right after 9/11 when he started this “Islam is the religion of peace” nonsense. And his strategy of “nation building” without first absolutely destroying the current leaders and totally occupying the country long enough to change the culture…see WWII and Germany and Japan…was totally wrong. Although Obama, against the advice of his military leaders, executed Bush’s mistake when he could have corrected it but he did not and ISIS was created.  But I digress.

First of all, remember that Clinton had an opportunity to arrest Osama bin Ladin but didn’t.  This was despite the fact the first WTC attack happened in January ’93 and we had suffered numerous attacks outside the US on US facilities. bin Ladin was offered to us in ’96 by Sudan and even though we knew what was going on Clinton refused saying incorrectly that we had no reason to hold him and then blaming the Saudi’s for not arresting him.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qgKAsfp_lc

And we had other opportunities to kill him but they were never completed. There was even a Grand Jury Indictment on bin Lain issued 11/6/1998 .  Read:  http://fas.org/irp/news/1998/11/98110602_nlt.html

Now when Bush took office in January 2001 the USS Cole attack had just happened and Bush decided to keep Clarke in his administration , who had been Clinton’s National Security Adviser, to insure that nothing was dropped in the transition.  Clarke’s comments are instructive as to what went on.

The following transcript documents a background briefing in early August 2002 by President Bush's former counterterrorism coordinator Richard A. Clarke to a handful of reporters, 

Clarke: “….the Clinton administration had a strategy in place, effectively dating from 1998. And there were a number of issues on the table since 1998. And they remained on the table when that administration went out of office —…”

Now stop and think. A number of issues had been unresolved since ’98. That was over two years. Does that tell you that bin Ladin and the Taliban was not a priority with Clinton? It does me and it should you. Let’s go on.

“…the Bush administration decided then, you know, in late January, to do two things. One, vigorously pursue the existing policy, including all of the lethal covert action findings, which we've now made public to some extent.

And the point is, while this big review was going on, there were still in effect, the lethal findings were still in effect. The second thing the administration decided to do is to initiate a process to look at those issues which had been on the table for a couple of years and get them decided.

So, point five, that process which was initiated in the first week in February, uh, decided in principle, uh in the spring to add to the existing Clinton strategy and to increase CIA resources, for example, for covert action, five-fold, to go after Al Qaeda”

Repeat. “…..to increase CIA resources, for example, for covert action, five-fold, to go after Al Qaeda”

And yeah, that’s Fox News…but it is a verbatim transcript and other reporters were there. So don’t try the old “it’s Fox and I don’t believe BS on me.

Bush kept what was going on in place, resolved years old issues and increased resources 500%.

Now, what did we get out of these increased efforts. Let’s fast forward to another interview, this time with Bush’s NSA, Condi Rice. Now remember, at this point Clarke had been fired by Rice and written a book critical of Bush. So this interview was Rice’s response to Clarke. Now understand. She is using Clarke’s own WRITTEN words.

 And here's the note that Dick wrote to me on September 15th: "When the era of national unity begins to crack in the near future, it is possible that some will start asking questions like, did the White House do a good job of making sure that intelligence about terrorist threats got to the FAA and other domestic law enforcement authorities, as the attached paper, which was sent to you in July, and the e-mail, also July, note, in late June the Interagency Counterterrorism Security Group,which I chair, warned of an upcoming, spectacular al Qaeda attack that would be qualitatively different. We convened on 5 July a special meeting of domestic federal law enforcement agencies because we could not rule out the possibility that the attack would be in the U.S." In fact, that was the meeting that we asked him to convene.

"At the special meeting on July 5 were the FBI, Secret Service, FAA, Customs, Coast Guard, and Immigration. We told them that we thought a spectacular al Qaeda terrorist attack was coming in the near future." That had been had been George Tenet's language. "We asked that they take special measures to increase security and surveillance. Thus, the White House did ensure that domestic law enforcement including the FAA knew that the CSG believed that a major al Qaeda attack was coming, and it could be in the U.S., and did ask that special measures be taken."

At this point I wish one of you Lefties would tell me what else Bush could have done. He had increased resources. The CIA used those resources and said an attack was coming. A meeting was convened and all the agencies were warned 70 days before the attack.


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