Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is Belgium losing freedom of speech? Are we next?

The canary was used for years to warn of deadly gasses seeping into mines. I think it is an apt symbol of what is happening in Europe.

I return to Napolitano's word smithing of the War On Terror and Terrorism out of the HLS's vocabulary. Her calling US Vet's potential terrorists.. the FBI flyer on terrorists that didn't mention radical Muslims...... how it was not permitted to call Hussein, Hussein in the campaign for president. Most of all I return to Obamie's call for a Civilian National Security Force that is just as large, just as powerful as the US military.

And now we can see it being created through the mandatory "volunteer" service program.


In the meantime, we have this coming from Belgium, supposedly a democracy. Is it? Click here and decide.

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna

Tom Wolfe

I like Tom Wolfe. He has, as they say (and millions have said) "a way with words."
Here's an interview that you may find interesting. What makes it really good is that it is four years old. Keep that in mind when you read and think of "now."

A teaser:

There is an inverse status in television news: the person who leaves the building least is the highest ranked. The anchormen really are the primitive version of the old linotype machine. The anchor's voice converts material written by others into a form that is easily consumable by the audience -- that's what the linotype machine did.

Wolfe interview link.

Picture Link.

Democrats say cap and trade is a tax

If bullshit was a brass band, Dingel and Gore could lead the parade.

But guess what. Dingell admits that cap and trade is a tax, and a big one.


Click here for video.