Sunday, June 22, 2008

Indian Jones and the FBI

I took my 8 year old Grandson to the latest Indiana Jones flick. Language was a little much but not as bad as he can hear at any NBA game. The violence was up to snuff, no pun intended, and when I asked him about it he patiently explained that it was just a movie and not real.

So would I recommend it?? No. Because, as has become standard for Gollywood, Spielberg just had to throw in an attack on the FBI and have our hero fired from his tenured professorship.

And the gratuitous attack doesn't advance the plot one little bit. The whole FBI bit could have been deleted with just a minor change.

So why did Spielberg do it?

He did it because he has made so much money off the country that he doesn't even know when he is insulting the country.

Or he threw it in to titillate the off shore market who believe that the US was as evil as the Soviets.

I went only because I thought it was action/adventure with no politics. I won't be back.

And looking at the gross numbers of people seeing Gollywood's products I'm not alone in my leaving.

Why would we expect the New York Times

to he helpful to someone working to protect the country? They couldn't even NOT publish an article on how the CIA was following the money funding terrorist cells even when the government begged them not to.

The Central Intelligence Agency asked The New York Times not to publish the name of Deuce Martinez, an interrogator who questioned Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and other high-level Al Qaeda prisoners, saying that to identify Mr. Martinez would invade his privacy and put him at risk of retaliation from terrorists or harassment from critics of the agency.

After discussion with agency officials and a lawyer for Mr. Martinez, the newspaper declined the request, noting that Mr. Martinez had never worked under cover and that others involved in the campaign against Al Qaeda have been named in news stories and books. The editors judged that the name was necessary for the credibility and completeness of the article.

Here read the article, and tell then tell me why he couldn't be listed as an "informed source?"

Of course he could have. The NYT has a vendetta against people who protect the country.

I use to admire reporters.

I mean Clark Kent worked at a newspaper and when he wasn't saving Lois Lane he was catching crooks and otherwise saving the world.

Then they morphed into journalists,
started making much more money than their audience and decided their mission was to tell the great unwashed the latest version of the truth as handed to them by the various Leftie politicians, Gollywood stars, and those above them on the media ladder.

Worse, at least 98% of them went through school with no, or at the least the bare minimum of hard sciences and logic classes. That means they have no way of analyzing what they have been told, or read. And since their schooling was almost totally of the Left, they choose to believe whatever the Left tells them.

Floods engulf Midwestern river towns. Is it global warming, the gradual degradation of a planet's weather that man seems powerless to stop or just a freakish late-spring deluge?

Take the above. Rain happens when water vapor condenses around a dust particle. And what makes water vapor condense? Cooler air. And what makes cooler air? A cold front.

Now, if the globe is warming then we should have less cold fronts. Less rain. Fewer tornadoes. So the problem isn't the perfectly average warm weather, it is the below average cold air contained in that cold front bumping into that perfectly normal spring/summer warm air.

the planet stopped warming 2 years before Bush took the oath in 2001, has been cooling since 2002 and that this year's was the fourth coldest May since 1979.

....the University of Alabama, Huntsville just published its satellite-derived temperature anomalies for May. The figures depict a global temperature drop of 0.195°C between April and May, and a drop of 0.379°C since May of last year. Anthony Watts, one of myriad scientists attributing recent cooling (and global temperature anomalies overall) to the activity of that yellow dwarf star at the center of our solar system..

In the meantime my spouse informs me that on Wednesday of the past week she had to turn the heat on when she arose from her slumbers.... the temperature was 54F....
I, of course, was frolicking in Las Vegas so I missed the cool air..

Worse than all of this, our intrepid writers of the AP note with, if not approval, satisfied acceptance.

Each period also was followed by a change in the party controlling the White House.


Never mind that their views of their current leaders are near rock bottom, reflecting a frustration with Washington's inability to solve anything. President Bush barely gets the approval of three in 10 people, and it's even worse for the Democratic-led Congress.

Why the vulnerability? After all, this is the 21st century, not a more primitive past when little in life was assured. Surely people know how to fix problems now.

It is vulnerable because the reporters who supposedly report instead are cheer leading Hussein 57. A man whose solutions are straight out of the late 60's and early 70's. They didn't work then and they won't work now.

And the press is so lacking in historical knowledge they can't even compare. And those old enough to remember what happened are so bound to the Left that they think their man can "get it right this time."

That he is nothing more than a typical Chicago machine politician totally escapes them.

The Execution of Britain - Update - Update 2

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Execution of Britain - Update":

few words about Lehto's sentence :

Theres some disturbing things about the sentence : usually this kind of sentence length in Finland is given for much harsher crimes, like rape or manslaughter under some circumstances.

Also the prosecutor Mika Illman choose the plaintiffs from his personal friends and politicans; ordinary citizens and less known people who were also critisized in Lehto's blogs were not accepted as plaintiffs in court.

The amount of fines is also amazing in Finnish standards. Lehto has to pay total of nearly 65,000 euros, which is average working mans 2 or 3 years salary. Usually the fine amounts are ten times less that in such court cases.

(i actually am not sure if plaintiff is the right word, by that word i mean the persons who were supposedly insulted and are in court against Lehto, seeking penalty for him)

My thanks to anon for the information.

Everytime you bow your head and knuckle under to PC societal pressure, this is the ultimate result.

(Read down for previous post.)

The following is self explanatory. My thanks to the author.

Herja has left a new comment on your post "The Execution of Britain."

"The infamous Seppo Lehto linked to your blog on the message board of finnish blogger Jussi Halla-aho and I'd like to comment on Europe and Lehto at the same time.

Europe is going down. Powerhungry EU, rampant multiculturalism, vilification of national symbols and values, badly controlled immigration combined with welfare society, all this is creating a completely untenable situation. We are heading for a fall and nobody knows what Europe will look like in the future.

Fjordman's idea of European Indigenous People’s Movement is in my opinion flawed. Just one more Pan-European effort that will not work. Or, like EU, will not work without a load of other people's money thrown into it.

Italy's last election showed that major political change is possible in an EU-country. But problems must be quite visible and this is the reason that Fjordman's idea will not work. If the people of a country want change, that change will most likely happen inside the borders of an established state.

So problems in each country will continue until the situation becomes intolerable. But for now majority of the population in EU-countries are ignorant of the problems and motives of our leaders. And at the same time dissidents are being cowed into silence.

This brings us to Seppo Lehto. He's a great target and his racist and slanderous anonymous blogs were a great way to make him an example, far better example than Mikko Ellilä*. Very few people have sympathy for Lehto as his blogs were prime examples of defamation. But to get the maximum penalty, 2,5 years of jail, is beyond comprehension especially when finnish courts are very lenient towards violent offenders. To an american this sentence must seem even more extreme as you hold freedom of expression in higher regard as europeans.

Lehto's sentence is part of the scare tactics common in many EU-countries today. Take few visible celebrities (Brigitte Bardot), politicians (Jean-Marie La Pen) or loonies (Seppo Lehto) and give them a stern sentence and maybe other dissidents will keep their mouth shut. Finnish officials are at the moment especially eager to silence dissidents as Finland is seeking greater immigration and as a Scandinavian welfare state integration so far has failed miserably. Critique is not something they want to see right now.

Seppo Lehto will appeal to a higher court to get his sentence reduced. This will probably happen, but I fear for him as his prosecutor is tied with current and previos minority ombudsman and this prosecutor made his thesis on "hate against ethnic or racial group" so his authority is also on the line.

*Case Ellilä: http://www.vdare.com/fulford/080513_fulford_file.htm)

Again, thanks. Very few people in the US are aware of what is happening Canada, much less Europe.

We are a spoiled protected people and many just assume that people in Europe have the same rights we do. They don't and your point re scaring people into submission is well made.