Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Doctor visit

See I had this problem and finally I just gave up and went to see my Doctor.

I knew right away when I arrived that something was up. The parking lot was full of vans with reporters standing around and lots of screaming teenagers running around and fainting every now and then. Hmmm, I thought, must be a celebrity in town.

The waiting room was changed, too. All the chairs were arranged in a semicircle and he receptionist was in the middle.

“Grab a seat,” she said, “we’re in a self criticizing session here. What can you add?”

“Well,” I said, “I got this problem and I want to see the Doctor..”

“What!” a fat lady of twenty something exclaimed, “we’re practicing group think. How dare you not confess!”

“Uh, it’s kinda personal… if you don’t mind,” I said begging off.

“Hmmmmph.” She opined.

“I really want to see the Doctor,” I appealed to the receptionist.

“Oh very well,” she snapped. “Fill out this form so I can pull your records.”

So I did and she did, and then I noticed this picture on the wall..

“That isn’t Doctor Jones,” I said, thinking that the image was vaguely familiar.

“Of course not. That’s the new Doctor,” she added straightening the picture, “that’s Doctor Audacity.”

And then she whisked me back to the examination room.

A lady with a “Nurse Rice” name tag appeared.

“I’m here to prep you,” she said.

“Prep me?”

“Of course. No one sees the Doctor until they’ve been prepped. What is your problem?”

“Uh, it’s kinda personal,” I said.

“Nonsense, this is a medical facility. Speak up.

“Well,” I said, “see this is kinda about some problem that only happened rarely in the past, but it’s happening much more in the near past..”

“Please be specific,” she demanded.

“You know, “ I said.. “It’s kind hard… no it’s not hard… that’s the problem … never mind.. it’s about E D.”


“Yeah, that’s the name they use…. E D.”

“Well,” she said.

Just then the Doctor came in, or maybe I should say the group came in.

“Is this the wounded warrior?” he asked as the electronic flashes went off from the ten or so cameras.”

“Warrior? No, this is about E D…”

“Is your friend Ed dead?” he asked. “I can feel your pain as clearly as any Clinton could…”

“Uh, there isn’t any pain,” I said, “but yeah E D is kinda dead.”

“I knew it,” he said. “Now tell the group where you were injured in the unjust war that McCain supports.”

By now I was confused. “ Uh, what war?”

“The unjust war.”

“Never heard of that war. I was in the Cold War.”

“Cold War?”

“Yeah. You know the one with the Soviet…”

“You mean the one in which we refused to recognize the superiority of the Soviet’s system??”

“Look, “ I said, “no need to argue…can you just fix my E D?

“E D??”


“Not Ed?”

“No. E D.”

“I’m not that kind of Doctor.”

“But,” I said, “You’re the Blessed one sent to us, can’t you raise the dead??”

“No,” he said taking off his white coat as Nurse Rice ushered the reporters out.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” he said.

I was getting desperate now. “What kind of Doctor are you??

“I am the Doctor of Hope!” he exclaimed as he went for the door.

“Can’t raise the dead??” I cried.

“No,” Nurse Rice broke in. “Doctor Audacity is a Doctor of Hope!”

“And,” she added. “You are a big disappointment. I bet you don’t know anything about Foreign Affairs.”

That’s when it hit me. The solution.

“Never had one,” I said. “But could you get Doctor Audacity to introduce me to Paris Hilton? That would sure raise my Hope.”

"You had your chance and you blew it!" She said tossing my records in the trash can.

"No...no," I said, "I was thinking of the reverse..."

"Silly boy," she said. "I bet you aren't even a Democrat."

Bump and Update - SJS Denver

This was published on August 14.

An advocacy group for Somali immigrants cautioned against linking Dirie to terrorism.

The Somali Justice Advocacy Center in St. Paul, Minn., said Thursday that connecting Dirie's death to terrorism "is a rush to judgment."

Let's see..... Muslim.... web site posting about killing Christians....chemical that could be used to produce cyanide gas...

Who would want to rush to judgement?


We now have this...

The Denver coroner has determined that a Canadian man found dead Aug. 11 in the Burnsley Hotel in Capitol Hill committed suicide by ingesting cyanide.

Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, 29, of Ottawa had been dead some time when his body was discovered near a pound of sodium cyanide.

The coroner had previously confirmed that test results found cyanide in Dirie's body.

Police have said Dirie's death was an isolated incident and unconnected with the upcoming Democratic convention.

Family members in Canada have said that Dirie left Ottawa on Aug. 7, first traveling to Montreal in a rental car.

There, it appears he took a bus to Denver, where he told his family he was taking a vacation.


He had pound of cyanide?? And committed suicide?? Yeah sure. That works for me. You?

Sudden Jihad Syndrome - SJS - anyone??? The question becomes, did he made a mistake or did someone help him?? And if so, why? And where did he get the cyanide? I mean a pound???

Inquiring minds want to know.


Bush has become his father

If true, this is dumb.

The US turned down a request by Defense Minister Ehud Barak to purchase the Boeing 767 aircraft, which can be used for mid-air refueling, amid fears that the sale would appear to support an Israeli strike on Iran, Channel 10 news reported on Thursday


With Russia rattling its sabre we shouldn't be seen as less than helpful to Israel when they decide it is time to destroy Iran's nuke building program.

And make no mistake, someone will have to destroy it.

The good news is this.

Some 1,000 kilometers separate Israel from Iran, a distance that would play a key role in any attack on Iranian nuclear sites.

The IAF already has mid-air refueling capabilities and possesses seven F-16I fighter jets with an estimated 2,100 kilometer range, which would enable them to strike targets deep within Iranian territory without the need to refuel.


On Tuesday, the IDF announced plans to soon bring into service Boeing 707 aircraft, which also can refuel fighter jets in mid-air.

Boeing 707s "can refuel other airplanes while in the air, thus enabling them to continue flying," the IDF said. It added that "the last project involving a refueling system took place six years ago."

Why I will vote for McCain

The fall out continues over the Saddleback Q & A. And it should. If this doesn't make you pull the lever for McCain, nothing will.

The stark differences between the two came through the most on the question of whether there is evil in the world. Obama spoke of evil within America, "in parents who have viciously abused their children." According to the Democrat, we can't really erase evil in the world because "that is God's task." And we have to "have some humility in how we approach the issue of confronting evil."

For McCain, with a global war on terror raging, there was no equivocating: We must "defeat" evil. If al-Qaida's placing of suicide vests on mentally-disabled women and then blowing them up by remote control in a Baghdad market isn't evil, he asked: "You have to tell me what is."

Again we see that Hussein falls back to what his friends and associates believe. America is evil. We can't erase evil because that is "God's task."

I hate to tell Hussein this, but God helps those who help themselves. And we are put here to do God's work.

McCain has seen more evil than most of us will ever see, and he understands. His answer: "defeat" evil.

Works for me.

Hussein's minions are not dumb. They saw the results and they must now dread the debates... and it will a cold day in the hometown of evil, aka Hell, before Hussein does a Town Hall meeting with McCain.

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Calling Reykjavk, Calling Reykjavk,

I was just checking my sitemeter... that's one of the many things us busy blogger executive types do... and I see that someone from Reykjavk, Iceland dropped by.

I hope they come back... Once upon a time I spent a fair amount of time there. I know the natives must find it attractive, but I can't say why. Oh well... I remember several things.

One is walking outside the barracks with a mild hang over... okay a HANGOVER... and be hit with the scent of the fish factory wafted on a mild 20 mile per hour breeze... I have never, never, never, ate fish sticks since then.

The other thing I remember is that when they brought their national airlines aircraft in for service, we had to make room in the hangar.... That meant we had to pull our military aircraft out and service them in the cold and snow and blowing snow...

That seemed wrong to some of us. I could never understand why. I mean, after all, we were merely keeping the Soviets from showing up and taking over...