Monday, May 4, 2009

Van Gogh's ear had to go

(May 4) - For more than a century, Vincent Van Gogh has been known as the tortured genius who sliced off his own ear in a fit of madness. But a new study claims Paul Gauguin lopped off the organ with a sword as the two artists argued over a prostitute.

If I asked who gives a flip would I be considered grumpy?

A Spanish judge wants to try Bush?

I have a Mpeg player of some type… certainly not an IPOD… but on it I have over 400 songs that I listen to while doing my every other day bit on the treadmill…. I have everything from Glen Miller to the Eagles to Blondie to well… you get the idea. This PM, as I was striding along to “Love Potion No. 9” it dawned on me, about the same time the cop was being kissed on the corner of 34th and Vine, that in 50 short years we have went from “kissing everyone in sight” to Viagra… from “Love Story” to “Sexual Enhancement Clinics”…… from “roll me in designer sheets”.... To ….”size is important.”

I mean color me a romantic fool, but sooner or later you have to talk to each other… or at least that use to be part of the package….

From being the “Defender of the free world” to being insulted by some unknown Spanish judge who thinks his “hasn’t done anything country since the English kicked their ass” has the right to try people in our government for what isn’t torture… Even worse, we have went from government leaders who would have called up the Spanish PM and say, “Are you kidding me?” to a Prez who couldn’t stand up to an angry 14 year with an AG who opines that he will have to comply with requests for information.

You know, the Soviets would have loved to have had a second shot at Spain. Too damn bad we stood between them.

Patton noted that Eisenhower should have turned him loose and he would have kicked the Soviets all the way back to the Arctic Circle. Now I grant you that would have been a chore, but seeing as how we had two extra nukes we didn’t need I think it could have been done.

The Cold War would never have happened and we wouldn’t have had to protect Europe while they pissed in our soup and got fat and lazy, not to mention stupid when it came to history.

Or maybe we should have just pulled back to England and told old Joe, they’re yours and they want socialism. Give’em the full Monty! A few years of putting up with France and Belgium and Spain and Italy and the Balkans….. well, the Soviets would have been begging us to take’em back.

“Look, Joe. We’ll take’em all except Germany. They’re either at your feet or at your throat and frankly we don’t want to put up with them.”

But we didn’t and we spent 50 years changing their nappies and we have wound up with a bunch of socialist Marxist jerks who are letting the Muslim world run over them because they got too interested in lattes and dope and forgot that people get married and have kids… and yeah, most kids are pains in the pautute for the first 20 years or so but then a miracle happens and they turn into people.

So we have a lady from Paris marrying a cousin in Tangiers and the average Muslim family is three or four times the size of the average Catholic family and some asshole in Spain wants to argue because we waterboarded a terrorist who would be happy to cut his head off…

I mean, I am sick and tired of stupid people. A few lines up I chided the Muslims for the arranged cousins marrying. But based on what I see in Europe it must have been going on long before Mohammed showed up demanding money and his rights!

And speaking of Mpegs and music, I have NO Springstein (or Dixie Chocks). If you want o know why:

More than 18,000 fans and friends showed up on Sunday night for a concert at Madison Square Garden honoring Pete Seeger's 90th birthday. USA TODAY was there, too.
The cause: Folk singer/songwriter, political/environmental activist and rock heroes' hero Pete Seeger turned 90 Sunday night, and some of his better-known disciples came out to celebrate.

Could I add something there Ms Gardner? Something that evidently you or your editor at the Nations Newspaper didn’t know?

Seeger was and probably still is, a communist. Now I know such details aren’t important to all the Obamie idiots , but maybe there is still a few people around who think patriotism is important.

So no Brucie music on my Mpeg and if “You Can Call me Speedo” isn’t fast enough then dial the “Heartbreak Hotel.”