Friday, August 22, 2008

Limousine Lefties in Denver

I couldn't make this up.

The party of the common man and the envrionmental wackos srikes again.

DENVER - Thousands of delegates, politicians, supporters and protesters are expected to descend upon Denver for the Democratic National Convention in two weeks. One thing they may not find is a ride around town due to a lack of limousines

According to records, 271 limo companies are registered at DIA. However, Cookenboo says the majority of those companies only have one to three cars. It comes at a time when limo companies are expected to make 125 runs a day during the DNC compared to 80during a normal week.

"We're simply running out of cars," said Cookenboo.

To help with the shortage, limo companies are renting cars from other companies and turning to other states to help bring in more cars. The Public Utilities Commission has issued a waiver system to allow companies to add to their current fleet according to Cookenboo.

Never mind that Denver has a great bus sysyem from the airport to downtown and the Tech Center, where many hotels are located. And never mind that Denver has a great highspeed train system from the Tech Center to downtown...

Never mind that Denver, like Mexico City is built in a bowl and has huge pollution problems....

Never mind that these are the very people demanding that we not drill for oil in the US so that the public be forced to use alternative fuels to fight so-called global warming....

Never mind that. These hypocrites must have LIMOUSINES!

If that doesn't make you want to puke then nothing will.

Go on dummy. When you get the piss off your shoes, vote Democratic.

Dinner for some DNC attendees

And may they enjoy!!

And thanks to Mike L!