Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inconvenient EMAILS

This pretty well nails it but the Lame Stream Media doesn't seem to think scientific fraud and collusion is worthy of discussion.

They’re calling it “Climategate.” The scandal that the suffix –gate implies is the state of climate science over the past decade or so revealed by a thousand or so emails, documents, and computer code sets between various prominent scientists released following a leak from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in the UK.

This may seem obscure, but the science involved is being used to justify the diversion of literally trillions of dollars of the world’s wealth in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by phasing out fossil fuels. The CRU is the Pentagon of global warming science, and these documents are its Pentagon Papers.

Here are three things everyone should know about the Climategate Papers. Links are provided so that the full context of every quote can be seen by anyone interested.

First, the scientists discuss manipulating data to get their preferred results. The most prominently featured scientists are paleoclimatologists, who reconstruct historical temperatures and who were responsible for a series of reconstructions that seemed to show a sharp rise in temperatures well above historical variation in recent decades.


If you are feeling ambitious you can go the link below and read the emails yourself.


They are indeed inconvenient truths.

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Smokey goes Westminster

America's biggest dog show has a new volunteer.

The bluetick coonhound, best known to sports fans as Tennessee sideline mascot Smokey, will soon be eligible for the green carpet of Westminster.

"It was completely a surprise to me they weren't in. I kind of assumed they were," said Clay Head, the UT senior who handles Smokey IX. "I might have to watch the show now."

The American Kennel Club will fully recognize three breeds next month -- the bluetick coonhound, redbone coonhound and Boykin spaniel, the official state dog of South Carolina. They will join the Icelandic sheepdog, cane corso and Leonberger as rookies at Madison Square Garden in 2011.

Well, there are important things and then there are important things.

And yes, I know. I too was astounded to find out Smokey's cousins weren't already there.... But, after all, there are Yankees involved.
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On Twitter I am Lesabre1