Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bits and pieces and catch up

If you have dropped by and seen nothing new I apologize. But my Mom is ill and that has kept me too unfocused for writing.

But one thing about being behind, you have what the military calls a "target rich" environment......so much nonsense and so little time..

First of all, kudos to the Children's crusade who has done much to show just how corrupt ACRON is and how compliant is the Lame Stream Media in that corruption. I almost choked on laughter when Charlie Gibson became forever known as "Schultz Gibson."

Yes Schultzie there is no Santa Claus.

Even more fun was watching O'Reilly trying to distance himself from the obvious connection between ACRON and Obamie by claiming it is all politics. Yes, Bill. It is all politics. It is also all accurate.

And Obamie can't bring himself to condemn an organization who has multiple people and locations telling people how to avoid taxes and start child prostitution rings.

But then he couldn't condemn Iran killing protesters either.

And then along comes Nobackus, aka Senator Baucus, who tells us he can fix health care but we have to quit driving that second car.... Would someone tell the big dummy that the wife usually drives the second car.... to work to help pay for the college education of the kiddies which Baucus uses to point out that health care isn't really that high..... Besides every penny you spend on health care above 7.5% of your AGI, and other limitations, is tax deductible and subject to further reductions as detailed in the IRS tax code.....

Do you think a Hollywood writer could think this shit up?