Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tim Russert and tin ears on Meet The Press

You know many times I wonder why any business organization would pay the chattering class any money for their "opinions." They say the craziest things.

Here are some perfect examples.

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MR. RUSSERT: David, we had in the debate--and Andrea--Hillary Clinton jumping on Barack Obama about William Ayers, the Weatherman, is one of the questions, and Jeremiah Wright. John McCain has now picked up on the William Ayers situation. Tom Hayden, the former radical from the '60s, has now written a piece which is basically saying, "Time out." And he writes this, "Hillary is blind to her own roots in the sixties. ... She was in Chicago for three nights during the 1968 street confrontations. ... She was involved in the New Haven defense of Bobby Seale during his murder trial in 1970, as the lead scheduler of student monitors.

"Most significantly in terms of her recent attacks on Barack, after Yale law school, Hillary went to work for the left-wing Bay Area law firm of Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein, which specialized in Black Panthers and West Coast labor leaders prosecuted for being communists. Two of the firm's partners, according to Treuhaft, were communists and two others `tolerated communists.'

"All these were honorable words and associations in my mind, but doesn't she see how the Hillary of today would accuse the Hillary of the sixties of associating with black revolutionaries who fought gun battles with police officers, and defending pro-communist lawyers who backed communists? Doesn't the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whom Hillary attacks today, represent the very essence of the black radicals Hillary was associating with in those days?"

Are we going to have a debate in November about past associations and pastors, or we going to have a debate about the war, health care and economy?

Say what??

First of all the Repubs will be happy to call Hillary to account, when it is time.

Secondly, Hussein's problems with Willam Ayers are not "past" associations. It appears that Hillary's is.

Finally, yes. Yes indeedy. Associations, past for Hillary and present for Hussein count.

MR. RICHARD WOLFFE: Well, there's no question that Barack Obama has a deficit when it comes to white working-class voters. It's more than the issue of whether he's elitist, just as ridiculous as that argument is. He's the son of a single mother,

The problem with that song, Dear Richard, is that his grandmother, who Hussein credits with raising him, was a Vice President in the largest bank in Hawaii. So that dog won't hunt. Heck, it won't even get off the porch.

MR. BILL MOYERS: Barack Obama was a skeptic when it came to religion. He sought you out because he knew you knew about the community. You led him to the faith. You baptized him, you performed his wedding ceremony, you baptized his two children. You were, for 20 years, his spiritual counselor. He has said that. And yet he, in that speech at Philadelphia, had to say some hard things about you. How did it go down with you when you heard Barack Obama say those things?

REV. JEREMIAH WRIGHT: It, it went down very simply. He's a politician; I'm a pastor. We speak to two different audiences. And he says what he has to say as a politician. I say what I have to say as a pastor. Those are two different worlds. I do what I do; he does what politicians do. So that--what happened in Philadelphia, where he had to respond to the sound bites, he responded as a politician.

Now we have a preacher condoning improper behavior. That Wright's moral base. No wonder he could yell, "God damn America!" and not see how disgusting that is.

Gwen Ifill: It also obscures a, a more fundamental problem which is coming up in this campaign, we are all looking for ways, in our way, to talk about race in the campaign. But what the, the numbers have shown us, the exit polls have shown us in the last week is that what we don't want to talk about is racism, which is, I think, a, a, a real issue. The people who said they--that race mattered to them, a lot of them voted for Hillary Clinton. I'm not calling the voters racists, but I think, at some point, we have to get back to a word that we're very scared of using in our society, which is the reason why people vote against someone because of their race is not a positive reason, it's a negative, and racism is a negative quality. We have to find some way to embrace talking about that in our coverage, and we're kind of nervous about that.

That is very kind of Ms. Ifill. But perhaps she should examine the definition of racism and explain why Hussein is getting 90% plus of the black vote. Is it racism??

–noun 1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

McCain and Katrina

I have from time to time criticized Bush for his ham handed handling of the PR part of his job. Now we have McCain saying things that are untrue
and only reinforces the nonsense spewed by the MSM.

Next, McCain took up Bush-bashing. Touring New Orleans, he repeated the Democrats' view of Hurricane Katrina as, pre-eminently, a story of Bush administration incompetence. On ABC this morning, Chris Cuomo, of all people, asked McCain about his attack on President Bush:

Chris CUOMO: John McCain is taking direct aim at the Bush administration. The senator toured New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward as part of his "forgotten places" tour and sharply criticized the response to Hurricane Katrina, calling it disgraceful. He said the leadership failure after the disaster could be traced straight to the top, and he told our Claire Shipman it would not have happened on his watch. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) MCCAIN: I've come here and told these people, "Never again. Never again will a disaster, either natural or manmade, be mishandled in this fashion."
It may be that the Hurricane Katrina mythology is so irrevocably fixed that McCain loses little by subscribing to it. More troubling is his willingness to bash the Bush administration's economic record, contrary to his own prior, more reasonable, statements.

McCain's staff needs to do some research.

Jason van Steenwyk is a Florida Army National Guardsman who has been mobilized six times for hurricane relief. He notes that:

"The federal government pretty much met its standard time lines, but the volume of support provided during the 72-96 hour was unprecedented. The federal response here was faster than Hugo, faster than Andrew, faster than Iniki, faster than Francine and Jeanne."

For instance, it took five days for National Guard troops to arrive in strength on the scene in Homestead, Fla. after Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992. But after Katrina, there was a significant National Guard presence in the afflicted region in three.

I write this column a week and a day after the main levee protecting New Orleans breached. In the course of that week:

More than 32,000 people have been rescued, many plucked from rooftops by Coast Guard helicopters.

The Army Corps of Engineers has all but repaired the breaches and begun pumping water out of New Orleans.

Shelter, food and medical care have been provided to more than 180,000 refugees.

Journalists complain that it took a whole week to do this. A former Air Force logistics officer had some words of advice for us in the Fourth Estate on his blog, Moltenthought:

"We do not yet have teleporter or replicator technology like you saw on 'Star Trek' in college between hookah hits and waiting to pick up your worthless communications degree while the grown-ups actually engaged in the recovery effort were studying engineering.

McCain should also add that if you choose to live in a nice city with lots of charm, even if it is below sea level, then it is your business. Just don't expect Aunt Matilda in Omaha to bail you out when the flood finally occurs.

Paul Johnson and William Ayers

It is obvious that if you want information about Barack Hussein Obama you are not going to find it in the MSM and the Repub pundits will be ignored as partisians.

Paul Johnson is not a Repub, to say the least.

So when he asks questions about the hopeful candidate from Chicago, Hawaii and Indonesia, you should listen to his answers.

Barack Obama is not telling the truth about his relationship with Bill Ayers....

In fact, Barack worked for Bill Ayers for at least eight years and the press, so far, has not investigated this matter.

In 1995, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge was created to raise funds to help reform the Chicago public schools. One of the architects of the Challenge was none other than Professor Bill Ayers. Ayers co-wrote the initial grant proposal and proudly lists himself on his own website as the co-founder of the Challenge.

And who did William Ayers, co-creator of the Challenge, help select as the new director of the board for this program? Barack Obama. Barack Obama was the first Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

Now, let’s revisit Obama’s claim about Ayers in the ABC debate:

“Not someone I’ve accepted endorsement of, it’s not someone I exchange ideas with on a regular basis…”

That is a lie. Both parts of Obama’s statement are obviously false. Obama not only evaded Stephanopoulos’s question, he was deliberately deceptive and misleading.

Ayers helped select Obama to exercise a leadership role on the Annenberg Challenge. And Obama wants us to believe they never talked? Never exchanged ideas? Never identified issues to raise and policies to pursue? What is Barack hiding?

It is of vital importance to clarify Barack’s relationship with Ayers. This is not a casual relationship. It is not a recent relationship. And, as reported in an earlier piece on this blog, Ayers has not changed his tune of political radicalism. I don’t challenge his right to believe such things, but Ayers certainly does not reflect the views of most Americans, both Democrats and Republicans. Why is Barack lying about this relationship? That is the question voters deserve to have asked and answered.

Read the whole article. It is obvious that Hussein was picked and carefully groomed to be where is at today.

Those lucky Demo voters in FL and MI

They are going to get HALF of their vote counted!!!

WASHINGTON (AP) — A plan to award half-delegates for the disputed Michigan and Florida Democratic presidential primaries will get a hearing before party leaders.

The co-chairs of the Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaws committee sent members a memo Friday announcing a meeting May 31 to consider the idea.

The committee stripped Michigan and Florida of their national convention delegates because they held primaries too early. DNC members in Michigan and Florida have filed challenges to restore the delegates.

Under the challenges, all superdelegates from both states would get to vote. The pledged delegates would only count for half votes.

I mean how lucky can a citizen get?? Aren't you glad you are a Demo?