Tuesday, March 18, 2008

50's Music

If you are into the 50's for music, here is a link that will provide about 200 songs.

For you youngsters, don't be surprised when you find that you can actually understand the lyrics.

Read Tom Wolfe's

complete lecture and understand why Hussein will get a huge majority of the black vote, and also the Left vote. Here's a sample.

More recently, I returned to Washington and Lee for a conference on the subject of Latin American writing in the United States. The conference soon became a general and much hotter discussion of the current immigration dispute. I had arrived believing that, for example, Mexicans who had gone to the trouble of coming to the United States legally, going through all the prescribed steps, would resent the fact that millions of Mexicans were now coming into the United States illegally across the desert border. I couldn't have been more mistaken. I discovered that everyone who thought of himself as Latin, even people who had been in this country for two and three generations, were wholeheartedly in favor of immediate amnesty and immediate citizenship for all Mexicans who happened now to be in the United States. And this feeling had nothing to do with immigration policy itself, nothing to do with law, nothing to do with politics, for that matter. To them, this was not a debate about immigration. The very existence of the debate itself was to them a besmirching of their fiction-absolute, of their conception of themselves as Latins. Somehow the debate, simply as a debate, cast an aspersion upon all Latins, implying doubt about their fitness to be within the border of such a superior nation.

And yes it is long, and yes it requires concentration. But the end result is worth the effort.

It also explains why Hussein can not and will not disavow Minister Wright.

The Left's actions are a little harder to grasp, but just as simple. Just as the black base of Hussein has bought into the fiction that the world has not changed and that America is responsible for their problems, the Left believes that as part of white America, they are responsible for all of the evil that Wright, and those like him, claim America is responsible for.

But they do not want what has been "taken" from them, as the black base wants, what they want is forgiveness and redemption. This election is not only about race and gender, but also religion at its most raw, with Hussein as the Messiah and Wright as the Prophet.

Hussein has said he

can no more disavow his Minister than he can the black community.

If that doesn't explain it to you nothing can.

Wal-Mart Redux

Almost a month ago I wrote the following to Wal-Mart.

Mr. Lee Scott
Chief Executive Officer
Wal-Mart Incorporated
702 S.W. 8th St.
Bentonville, AR 72716-8611

Dear Mr. Scott:

I note the following AP news story.

“AP - RIVERDALE, Utah (Feb. 20) -- Wal-Mart Stores Inc. apologized to a Muslim woman who said she was mocked because of her face veil.

"Please don't stick me up," a cashier told the shopper on Feb. 2, according to The Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Wal-Mart apologized Monday in a letter signed by Rolando Rodriquez, a vice president and regional general manager. It was released Tuesday by the council's Nevada chapter.

"I can assure you that the associate in question was disciplined in accordance with our employment policies as a result of the situation," Rodriguez said without disclosing details.

Rodriguez said employees at the Riverdale store would undergo "sensitivity training," specifically in the Islamic faith and Muslim culture.”

This is utter nonsense. What should have been done is to explain to the complainer that in our culture, in the country that she came to under her own free will, people do not go around with their face covered, and that those who do are often and usually regarded with suspicion.

You should have then said that you apologized if the joke offended her, but no harm was meant, and that Wal-Mart would be glad to work with her, and other Muslims, to help them better understand the culture of the United States. You should have then extended the same offer to CAIR.

Of course that would have required a small degree of courage. Something Wal-Mart did not exhibit in the face of pressure from an organization, CAIR that the US Government has designated as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the case against the Holy Land Foundation. (If you are unfamiliar, Google has about 21,800 hits on the subject.

Now I understand that a commercial organization has a great reluctance to become involved in such things as national politics and thus can be easily pushed around by a lobbying organization that claims to represent a segment of the US population. But if you expect your customers to show loyalty to you, you must show that you believe in the values of this country. And one of those values is that all are welcome who want to become Americans. However, a dogged utilization of traditional dress and a demonstrated sensitivity to what, at worst, was an ill considered joke does not demonstrate a desire to be assimilated into our culture. Your demonstrated support of the actions by the Muslin female and CAIR are unacceptable. I again suggest the remedy I offered earlier in this letter.

Sir, the vast, vast, vast largest number of your customers are the American middle class. Working men and women who have fought, bled and died for the country and the freedoms we all hold dear. In fact, the Wal-Mart employee who has been “disciplined” most likely has a family member, a friend or a family member of a friend who has served in the military to protect the rights and “feelings” that seem to be in play in this matter.

As you can tell by the address I live in a small town, and I was pleased when you opened a Super Center about a year ago. Having been a Wal-Mart customer since the early eighties I looked forward to the better selection and competitive prices I expected you to provide, and have rewarded you with annual business in the neighborhood of $9,000.

It would be difficult to totally quit doing business with you, but let me assure you that you have lost my good will, and I think millions of other Americans like me. I will do my best to reduce my business level with you to the bare minimum and to actively seek other companies to do business with.


I thought you might enjoy reading their response.

There. Did you get that??

Don't look now

but John Bolton has a WSJ article that nails the Bush Administration and The Demos - aka The Surrender Party - on North Korea.

Throughout all this "negotiation," which has mostly consisted of our government negotiating with itself, North Korea has benefited enormously. It's been spared the truly punishing sanctions that concerted international effort might have produced. In large part because of the appeasement policies of the two previous South Korean governments, Pyongyang has not felt the full impact of the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) on its outward proliferation efforts. The U.S. has muzzled its criticism of North Korea's atrocious oppression of its own citizens. And, perhaps most humiliatingly of all, the U.S., in a vain effort at chasing the mirage, gave up its most effective pressure point -- the financial squeeze -- allowing Pyongyang renewed access to international markets through institutions like Banco Delta Asia.

In fact, the protracted Six-Party Talks have provided Kim Jong-il with the most precious resource of all: the time to enhance, conceal and even disperse his nuclear weapons programs. Time is nearly always on the side of the would-be proliferator, and so it has proven here. In exchange for five years of grace to North Korea, the U.S. has received precious little in return.

Bolton is too kind. Too kind to Rice who is obviously co-opted by the same people who got us into this mess, and too kind to the Demos who wouldn't keep a good man on the job. Petty partisan politics again trumps common sense and cripples our foreign policy. But what else should we expect from a party that won't condemn a Senator who attends a church that let's its minister thunder "God Damn America" from the pulpit.