Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The perfect description

Ever since Obama has been elected I keep reading how he is "my" President, or he is "our" President and how we must support him because of that.

Folks, he isn't "my" President and he isn't "our" President. He is THE President.

And I wish him and his family happiness and good health.

But that is the end of it. Based on what I have learned about him, especially in conjunction with the Democratic Congress, I strongly disagree on a host of issues. And I am not going to "support" him in his attempt to do things that I consider bad. Bad for me. Bad for the country. Bad for the world.

And over the past months as I have observed the fawning over an unproven politician by the press and millions of dunderheads that led us to this disagreeable state, I never could quite reach a good description of the witches brew that has delivered him to us.

But a lady reader from Canada has nailed it. Claudia said, "ignorance combined with vulgarity disguised as elitism."

Thank you, Claudia. That is the perfect description.

Body Art

Jimmy M sent this to me and about a dozen more under the heading of, "I will never complain about my kids again."

He has a point.

Pictures from Gaza

These pictures need no comments.

Hat tip to Larry P.

Iranian students sign up

Somebody forgot to tell them that The Chosen One is now in charge.

Tehran, Jan 20, IRNA -- Head of Student Basij Organization Reza Seraj said on Tuesday that 100,000 students have signed up to launch martyrdom seeking operations.

“Based on latest statistics, 100,000 students have signed up the list in `Labayk Ya Khamenei’ Martyrdom Seeking Battalions,” Seraj told a group of students outside former US Embassy in Tehran, dubbed as `Den of Spies’, on Tuesday.

Seraj said students are ready to fully obey the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's order for contribution to Gaza reconstruction.


Hat tip Buffy at the Tennessean.

Hat tip Reuters for the illustrative pic.