Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cause and effect

It seems that Sean Hannity has been busy pointing out that Chuckie from New York, aka the Senior Senator, bears some responsibiliy for the crash of 1549. Seems Hannity's reasoning is that Chuckie's ill considered attempt to help as backfired.

This from newshounds.

SH: Back in 2004, the New York Senator saw to it that a $200,000 earmark went to GeesePeace. Now, this is an animal rights group that devotes itself to saving Canada geese through non-lethal methods. Now, this was Schumer's attempt to solve the problem of overpopulation of geese, some of which live on Riker's Island. That's directly in the flight path of La Guardia airport. Now, the perilous result of this plan was seen on Thursday when the same breed of geese, Canada geese, downed US Airways flight 1549. Now, maybe our lawmakers should focus on preventing such tragedies rather than empowering groups that seem to care more about the birds than the safety of Americans.

Putting aside that crying over someone pointing out that the road to hell is often paved with good intentions is juvenile it is a fact that anything that adds to the health and vigor of large fowls increases the danger to aircraft taking off/landing through the increased size of the flocks.

This "road to hell paved with good intentions" is not unique or new. I must have been all of six when I first heard it and that was, dear chums, a long time ago.

But it is government driven by the ecofreaks of the Left that continue to set new levels of stupidity and self destruction. The desire for the environmental wackos to have cleaner burning gasoline led to the increased demand for corn to make ethanol which led to food shortages in the Third World which led to riots in Mexico and some deaths in Africa. It also led increased food prices in the US.

As a side effect, adding more acres devoted to growing corn released CO2 into the atmosphere as did the fuel used in the process.

In other places that used MTBE instead of ethanol it has been discovered that MTBE has seeped into the soil and ground water. MTBE is a cancer causing chemical raising concerns for future generations.

We have also seen dams with electricity generating capabilities torn down because of so-called endangered species. We in the Mid-south should have bitter memories of the Snail Darter fiasco. But beyond that, decreased water power led to more coal being burned which led to more pollution and CO2 in the atmosphere.

The energy policies of the Democrats is to not drill for new oil in the US which lays us open to whatever the Muslim world wants to charge for oil. The increases of last year drove the stake through the heart of the economy and has caused suffering to untold millions around the world, all so some ecofreaks can feel good.

The use of DDT was banned with no cheap replacement and thousands have died in Africa and Asia from Malaria. The Black Plague, spread by fleas previously killed by DDT is making a comeback, although since members of al-Qaeda have been among those struck down it appears that some good does come from this.

Yet with these examples in front of us we seem to be following Algore and Hussein almost blindly in their desire to shut down carbon usage, which will destroy the economy.

So did Chuckie from New York directly cause the crash? No, but he and the millions of dummies who put animals and birds ahead of the welfare of people contributed. Cause and effect, dear ones. Cause and effect.

The above expanded from my comment in the Tennessean.