Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AARP stacks a teleconference

So my morning paper said that yesterday (Monday) the AARP had set up a teleconference on health care for my Congressman. Since I am a member and knew nothing about it I called AARP to ask why.

After a bit the young lady on the phone bank said that it had been for 40,000 people in the district selected by random within the 50 to 64 age group.

That, of course, is age discrimination. I expect that from corporations looking to hire someone. I did not expect it from an organization I am a member of and is supposed to be looking out for my interests.

And the unstated reason is obvious. AARP wants one of the Obama planS to pass so they stacked the conference to keep out people on Medicare as Medicare clients have been the most vocal opponents of the bill because we see that taking $4 billion out of Medicare and reducing payments to Doctors and hospitals will reduce services and reduced services will lead to rationing as surely as night follows day.

And why does AARP want one of Obama's planS to pass? Because they want to sell the insurance that the voter will be mandated to buy. A market of some 46 million people.

Always follow the money when you want the truth.

Bump and update. My daughter tells me that yesterday around 7PM a call came in from the AARP but things were so screwed up on how to ask a question she hung up. (I wasn't home and she forgot to mention it.)

So the question is, since I am not between 50 and 64 and since my daughter is not either, why was I told that was the selection criteria?

Or does this just prove that being incapable of following the plan excuses you from coming up with the plan?

Okra aka candy

So far I have frozen about 10 meals and think I can get 10 more. That will be one or two a month until the 2010 crop comes in, that is assuming Global Warming doesn't delay the crop with unseasonably cold weather as it did this spring..

It will produce until frost but I will need a step ladder for the last of the crop.

All the cook has to do is dump the pre-breaded okra into the frying pan, stir everynow and then for even browning, lift out, drain and serve. Especially good on a cold winter day.

Of course I might need to advise the police in advance of what I am growing.

I thought you might like this story. My grandparents are transplanted Oakies. They moved to Modesto, CA in 1950. My grandpa as long as I can remember has had at least an acre of okra. Right after thay moved to Modesto my grandfather woke up one morning to find several Sheriff's officers tromping through the okra and stepping on the watermelon. He went out to see what was up. The Sheriff was convinced that my grandpa was growing pot in his garden and had never heard of, let alone seen okra. It took a couple cups of coffee and a few of last years pickled okras to send this law officer on his way. He later became a close friend of the family. Much like everyone who has ever crossed paths with grandpa. It just isn't summer without okra.


A California sherrif who didn't know what pot looked like? Well, that's the story and they are sticking to it.