Friday, April 18, 2008

Mr. President:

Can we talk? Got a minute?

I just filled up my Buick and the price per gallon was $3.40. And even though the American made product is getting 25.4 combined MPG, that's a hurt. A big hurt.

And I know that the high demand from China and India, aka the "excuse of the day" by OPEC, has us by the short hair. And it was the environmental wackos and their hand maidens the Demos and dummy RINOs that kept us from drilling within the US. I mean I know who the evil ones are. The Big Guy and Hannity have told me.

But you see, that excuse has been around thirty years, and even if true, consider this.

It doesn't fix the problem.

You are the man, Mr. President. So I think it is time you start using the bully pulpit and jam some emergency legislation down the Demos throats. Just tell the wackos to piss off and tell the oil companies that they have been talking the talk, but now is the time to walk the walk. Get off your behinds and start drilling some holes in the ground.

At the same time it wouldn't hurt to tell OPEC that they really truly sure enough need to open the spigots because their current actions look like an attack on the US and well, everyone knows what happens when we think we've being attacked. How do you say "spidy-hole" in Farsi? Arabic? Spanish?

Well, that's about it. Wish I could have been more subtle, but I really can't. Because if the public doesn't start to see some actual honest to God change come out of the Repubs, they are likely to start listening to Hussein talk about change.

And no. Not THAT Hussein. The other one. The one from Chicago. The one who can really do some damage to the country.

Regards from a two time voter.

Poker Player

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My thanks to Shawn in Colorado

Silicy, Atlanta and bits and pieces

I read someplace that the latest elections in Italy resulted in, for the first time since WWII, there being no communists in the government... Replay of a golden oldie.

"What's the difference between Eastern Europe and Boulder, CO?"

"There are no communists left in Eastern Europe."

Boulder, of course being the location of the University of Colorado who, believe it or not, beats Nebraska from time to time...Actually they won a national championship in 1990 under the oversight of Coach Bill McCartney...who was deemed a nut because of his professed Christian faith and belief that men should act like men, doing such outrageous things as leading by example and supporting their children...

Beloved between the goal lines, such talk doomed him with the university's administration. Since his departure the team's success has been limited. However, its national exposure has continued by the comments of Professor Ward Churchill who opined that, among other things, that the twin towers on 9/11 had Little Eichmans in them doing things best not known.

Churchill is no longer there. Proving that despite the flood of people from California and other cultural sojourners there are times when common sense rules.

Thinking about Italy I am reminded of my first stay in Sicily... Upon expressing my pleasure in being in Italy I was immediately reminded that, "You are not in Italy, you are in Sicily!" My apology was graciously accepted and no one made an offer I couldn't refuse.

There have been other places that took a similar view.... Atlanta is well known to not be in the south, or at least by true Southerners.....I seem to remember it being called "The New York of the South." That, of course, was when people actually dreamed of making it there...or anywhere... but I digress..

There was an earthquake in central eastern Illinois at 5:46 this morning... Rumors have it this is the start of Illinois south of Chicago and its burbs removing itself from the state that elected Hussein.....

Later chums. Time to play farmer!

There is an old joke about poker players...

"Deal," cried the losers, while the winners were telling jokes.

Such is the case with the man who would be king, aka Hussein. Unused to hard questions and with a political career consisting of no contests, he deemed himself untouchable. But a funny thing has happened on the way to the coronation. A combination of political opposition, talk radio and the Internet has raised questions about who he is, can be beat McCain in November and is he fit to serve?

We have found out many things about him. But the most problematic isn't his relationships with Ayers and Wright, although they now have gone past the judgement issues to raising questions about this belief in this country. No, the real issue has become his wimpiness. As is said sometimes in chat rooms and blogs...

"Want some cheese with that whine?"

Sen. Barack Obama suggested Thursday that he doesn't see any point in having another debate with Democratic rival Sen. Hillary Clinton.

So now we find he no longer wants to debate because they are likely to raise "old issues" that Hussein deems unworthy of debate. It is time to move on to the future. To emote over change. To do anything but face more questions..... to having to explain his record.

He knows he can have whatever he wants. After all, it has always been given to him.

He is soft. His arrogance is born of never having to fight. Of winning without trying. Hillary is right. Can you imagine him being there when the phone rings at three in the morning? Or facing our enemies at High Noon?