Monday, March 10, 2008

The best line I have heard

regarding Governor Spitzer's "situation" comes from William Katz of UrgentAgenda

Spitzer was apparently caught on a federal wiretap. No wonder the Democrats are holding up wiretap legislation in the House. Terrorists? Come on. It's their governors they're worried about.

Others are floating around the Internet. Most are somewhat in poor taste so I will just let them slide. This being a, mostly, PG-13 blog. Oh well, the devil insists...

"Spitzer? Did she?"

"Did I say 9? I meant 4.5."

"No. No. It was a flight to DC. Not Minneapolis."

For stupid things, see stupid schools

as detailed in this article from WND.

A Pennsylvania student who wore a T-shirt to school to express his support for the American war on terror and to honor his uncle, a warrior in the battle, has been told he cannot do that.

The T shirt had a picture of a gun with these words:

"Volunteer Homeland Security" and "Special issue – Resident – Lifetime License United States Terrorist Hunting Permit – Permit No. 91101 Gun Owner – No Bag Limit"

Shocking, eh? And then we have these gems of wisdom:

"It's the district's position the wording on the T-shirt advocated violation of the law and acts of violence," Supt. Donald Stewart told WND.

Gosh and gee.

Why, I wonder, does he think hunnting terrorists is bad?

Stewart said the student was given detention, but that was a result of his "behavior" in the school office, not the T-shirt.

I hope the behavior expressed the view that the act was dumb.

And I wonder if the T shirt would have been a problem if it was abti-war or attacked Bush?

There is a law suit on going and I hope the district is forced to pay enough money to require the tax payers to absorb a sizeable tax increase. Perhaps then they will start to question who they are letting run their schools.

In other financial news

it was discovered late last night that some of the US public are not spending 100% of their paychecks on gasoline.

"This is a shocking development," said a Sheik of Arabia. "It has came to me in a dream that we need to increase prices and get that last dollar from the infidels who saved us from being destroyed by fellow Muslim Saddam Hussein.."

There is no word from the Bush administration on the possibility that Air Force 1 will be traded for a Piper Cub and 15 gallons of high test.

In other news, Demo leaders will meet today on increasing the fuel tax by another $3.00 per gallon.

"We must save the lovable polar bear," Ms Pelosi said when asked if she had considered the plight of the common US citizens. "Global Warming is real and must be defeated! Driving cars is our enemy and will be taxed out of existence!"

The stock maraket did not open this morning due to it falling below zero Friday.

From the Associated Press

AP probe finds drugs in drinking water.....In the course of a five-month inquiry, the AP discovered that drugs have been detected in the drinking water supplies of 24 major metropolitan areas — from Southern California to Northern New Jersey, from Detroit to Louisville, Ky.

In financial news there has been an unexplained real estate boom in these areas. Most of new home buyers are retiring Baby Boomers.

Details at 11:00.