Saturday, May 3, 2008

I have the blahs....

Can't say why for sure. Perhaps too much politics. Even those of us who normally are up beat and cheerful melt down from time to time while watching our "leaders" do despicable things attempting to become our "Leaders."

Oh, the picture. I can't remember where I got it, or even when, so my thanks to that person. Being married for almost all of my adult life I can say that the seller is a wise man. "She who does not have to be obeyed" has ways to make life regretful when their sage advice is ignored....

I could tell you how I borrowed my wife's new car one winter's snowy night because it was in the garage and mine was outside covered in snow... And promptly wrecked it... I could but I won't. Too painful. Much too painful...

Today was chilly and windy after the severe weather last night. My tomatoes look terrible, and I expect to have to replace them next week. It is also time to plant the rest of the veggies but the ground is too cold. Damn Global Warming.

Speaking of stupid things, this "carbon offset" thing doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I mean, if carbon dioxide is bad, why should I give you money because I am doing a bad thing... Why don't I just quit doing it?? And if I don't, then what will I giving you money do to fix the problem?

And the answer is??? Nothing, dear chums. Nothing at all.

Hussein believes.

But as they say in Vegas, money talks and bullshit walks.

And Hussein's coin of the velvet phrase and unchallenged claim has become cheap filthy lucre that has been devalued and debased by himself. He has no foundation and like a bubble structure designed to remain upright by air pressure, his loss of credibility has caused it to collapse.

Some say it was the lies he told about his Preacher. Others say it was the fake fainting in the audience. Others maintain that it was that people finally started asking what Hussein was "hoping" for, and if we "can," fine. But what does that mean?

I believe it has been the commonsense and the collective memories of the people in their early 50's, and older, remembering that you can't "talk" with some enemies, and who remain embarrassed even today. It has been 33 years since the feckless anti-war Left Wing Demos insured that Communist North Vietnam would have South Vietnam so the group memory is fading.

But some of us have not forgotten.

At least 65,000 Vietnamese were murdered or shot after "liberation" – the equivalent in terms of Vietnam's population at the time, of killing three-quarters of a million people in today's U.S. The new communist regime ordered somewhere between one- third to one-half of South Vietnam's population to pass through its "re-education" camps, where perhaps as many as 250,000 died of disease, starvation, or were worked to death (the last inmates were not released until 1986).

That number does not include the thousands of "boat people" who tried to flee the totalitarian nightmare of communist Vietnam, and perished at sea.

Cambodia's fate was even worse. At least one and a half million innocent Cambodians were butchered or starved to death in the Khmer Rouge's killing fields and re-education camps, put to death by a fanatical regime that believed that anyone who wore eyeglasses must have "bourgeois intellectual tendencies" and be shot.

That was what the "future" meant 33 years ago. The dumb witted Demos had plenty of "hope." And yes, they "did." They gave away South Vietnam to killers.

What they didn't have was common sense and balls.

So when Hussein ducks and weaves, ask him what "hope" means. What it is that "we can" do. And is his legacy going to be winning the war on terror, or 2,000,000 dead Americans as a tribute to his arrogant over estimation of his own abilities?