Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas and light bulbs... and the use to be free

market guy George Walker Bush.

It's not that I don't like compact fluorescent lights (CFL). I do. It's just that I don't think the government should be telling us we must use them. In fact, I hope people resist, because when they keep on using old faithfuls and paying for the use, that will help cover the fixed cost the electric utility companies must pay to remain in business.

Yes Virginia, there is no Santa Claus. If we all reduce our usage by, say 50%, the per unit cost of what we will use will have to go up to match that "cost." Otherwise, they will go out of business. And although we all know that corporations are evil nasty creatures with evil nasty bosses... except for PBS and NPR of course... having your local electric utility "turn out the lights" would be no fun. No fun at all. So as universal usage goes down, per KWh price is going to have to go up.

Money is made in this world when someone knows something others don't. And that is not illegal, unless the CEO withholds bad news while shorting the company's stock.. and other such things.... So my plan has been, and I have executed it brilliantly I must say, was to reduce my usage by, among other things, using CFLs. And since I have reduced my usage with no change in life style the plan was working.

Now, George Walker Bush has abandoned his free market roots and ruined it all. He has told people they must change, and put the full force of the government behind it. Oh the horror!!!

So pay no attention to the cost savings, the fact you can buy them in various "colors," use them with dimmer switches, etc. And that wee bit of mercury is meaningless.

Oh. You disagree?? Ah. I see you are smarter than most. Because us smarties know that the three people who run America have sat down and figured out that in about 30 years the environment will have returned to a pristine state and the EPA would be out of business throwing thousands of do googers out of work. But now, with all those CFLs being dumped we will have thousands of clean up sites!!!

Knowing stuff like this is why I support this organization.

Merry Christmas! And keep those lights blazing!