Monday, April 5, 2010

Hope and Change and being successful in getting what you want

What use to be almost unheard of away from bar or household is everywhere. People who use to consider discussing politics in the same way they considered talking about their finances with all but their bankers or brokers are out in the open claiming that Obama has ignored the Constitution. Prayer groups mention his name and avow to pray for our “leaders,” a dissolute group that now claims to know better than us and become angry when we tell them to kiss our collective assess.

What have we done to deserve someone like the mayor of Nashville who spends millions to hire someone to worry and blather about foot paths and bicycle trails?

Read this or just scroll down for the details.

Very simply dear ones, we voted for them. Yes, we really did. And while I yield to no one my ability to hold the actions of ACRON in deep disgust, they did not sneak in during the night or take control with bunkered machine guns around city hall and other places known to countenance thievery.

And while we can view what Nashville has rendered with great disdain, this pimple of waste didn’t grow from a clean civic garden but from one covered with the dirt of “spend and elect. Elect and spend.”

And in fact, Nashville is most likely far better than most. I give you Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago and Detroit for comparison.

But why did we do this?

It appears to me that we elected Obama, and turned this flood of vote buying money lose on the country because he deserved to be elected. He was black and blacks have been treated badly so he was our apology for their treatment.

And the press, who almost uniformly hated Bush, regarded the election of a Democrat as necessary to make up for their failure in 2000 and 2004. It wasn’t that they loved Obama, but they hated Bush. So like a cheated on wife who decides to punish the wayward husband by cheating in turn they scorned their wifely duties of fidelity and good judgment and jumped into the Democrat’s bed with zeal unknown in our history.

Consider this. In two days we knew a hundred times more about Joe the Plumber than Obama the Candidate.

When Ayers and Wright came up, it was no problem. Just some guys in the neighborhood. And hey, doesn’t everyone have a couple of crazy uncles and friends?

And when Obama the Candidate’s statements that the Supreme Court had erred in not redistributing surfaced no one in the main stream media blinked an eye.

And when he restated that to Joe the Plumber, Joe the Plumber became the story.

And when some pundits identified Obama as the first Post American President that was seen as good and applauded without stopping to think that a President that doesn’t see America as good and worthy is likely to Hope he can Change it.

Wait, where have I heard that before?

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