Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rodney King, Hamas and Gaza

Rodney King became famous in the Left's world by saying, "Can't we all just get along??"

The fact that he had the hell beat out of him because he wouldn't go along and stay down... his companion did and had not a scratch on him.... didn't matter to the people who rioted and burned a great deal of LA and other places...because a jury had cut the police lose who had thumped him for his not "just getting along."

I flew into LAX that night and when we went into our final approach the pilot explained we were going to do a short field approach because of "visibility." I knew that he was bsing us because in my experience a short field approach is used to avoid ground fire. And seeing as how we would be coming over Inglewood that made sense.... I was in First Class and half to two thirds zapped because we had sat on the ground in Seattle for almost three hours and the standard way of calming the restless in FC was booze...

I was in a window seat on the right, so when we turned to the left to go out to Downey and turn final to land I had a good look at LA. It looked as if someone had been bombing the place... But I digress...

The pilot explained this was perfectly safe and that we should expect a sensation of going down rapidly....very rapidly.

Anyway, we were at about 10,000 feet about two miles east of the Fabulous Forum when he dropped the flaps, the wheels, extended the leading edge slats and pulled the power back. The 737 became an elevator. The aircraft became completely quiet and then the power came back and we landed without taking any ack-ack to the airframe.

I made it to the Marriott in time to hear Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters explain how none of this was the fault of the rioters.

I got to thinking about this after listening to the "world" whine that people living in the Gaza strip are getting the hell bombed out of them. Look. They are getting bombed because Hamas is launching rockets into Israel.

Now I don't care who is right or who is wrong. The facts are that they are launching rockets and getting bombed in return. If they stop Israel will stop.

And if they want to claim that Israel has stolen their land and attack Israel for it, so be it. But don't whine when Israel says no, and bombs the hell out of them.

Their are lots of parallels here. The blacks hated the Koreans and the Hispanics and Whitey wasn't wanted around. So they burned down their part of LA, put a lot of their people out of work and in turn the white contractors made a lot of money rebuilding it. That was really a lose lose situation.

So is what's happening now on the Gaza Strip.

And no Rodney, we can't all just get along.