Saturday, June 21, 2008

You think??

Just saw a Newsweek poll where Hussein 57 has a 15 point lead over McCain..

Hard to believe there are that many stupid people in the country...

Remember Eastern Airlines...

This type of thing is what killed Eastern Airlines/

United canceled a flight from Salt Lake City Thursday afternoon after the pilot announced to passengers that he was too upset to fly, according to one passenger on board.

The pilot, who may have been involved in a labor-related dispute with colleagues, said that he didn't feel he could fly safely, said Paul Jacobson, an energy company executive who was aboard United Flight 416 to Denver.

United spokeswoman Robin Urbanski said in an e-mailed statement that the flight was canceled according to company procedures designed to ensure flight crews are prepared to fly. The airline re-accommodated its customers on other flights and will give them "goodwill gestures," which may include miles and travel certificates, she said.......

Jacobson said another passenger questioned the crew and that passenger told him the incident stemmed from crewmembers from another United flight observing the pilot wearing his hat. United's pilots union has been urging pilots to remove their hats when they "are likely to be viewed by management," as a form of protest, according to a notice on ALPA's website.

"In the concourse, on the jetway, wherever. Show solidarity with your fellow pilots, show management our solidarity. Don't wear your hat," it says.

If this guy thinks he was upset, imagine the feelings of about 100 passengers... who happen to be people....and since the flight was to Denver, most of them were probably connecting and most of them missed their flights.

Remember dear flight crew. Eastern went Chapter 7. That means the pensions were lost along with the jobs.

Lately life is filled with dumbness.

Half right Hussein 57

Hussein is running around complaining.... that is something he knows how do do and does it well. If elected.... God help us.... he will be known as Whiner In Chief..
The latest one is that he claims that the Repubs will tell people he is black and not to trust him. Well, the first one is obvious and the last one has been made plain by his own words and actions.

But pointing that out will be racist. Of course. We knew that.

And he keeps on doing things like making it plain that we will not drill for oil, which only encourages the speculators which keeps the oil price high which is killing the economy. Like demanding an immediate withdrawal from Iraq and claiming the war was illegal and lost is helping our enemies, Hussein has no idea that words can hurt the country... That or else he knows but doesn't care as long as he thinks it helps him.

"Imagine if your security now was tied up with the Dow Jones," he said, prompting applause from a private audience of about 30 senior citizens. "You wouldn't feel very confident about the security of your nest egg."

Actually a bit of mine is and no. The more I see of you and what your expected policies will be, the less confident I am.


I read Ann Coulter not because I always agree

with her, I don't. But sometimes she really says it better than most of the chattering nabobs of America Wrongers. (To snip a phrase.)

About the worst decision coming from the SC in my memory, she says:

And the judiciary simply has no power over enemy combatants in wartime. Such power is committed to the executive as part of the commander in chief's power, and thus implicitly denied to the judiciary, just as is the power to declare war is unilaterally committed to Congress. As one law professor said to me, this is what happens when the swing justice is the dumb justice.

Want more of this? Vote for Hussein.

See you later Las Vegas

... As you may guess from the lack of posts I traveled and I am home. If not with my sword, at least not on my shield... As for the actual travel part, it was not too bad.. not quite to the root canal level, but certainly nothing to be remembered.

But what of the trip...??? Hey, saw a bunch of old friends and a lot of new technology. Had dinner at Joe's Stone Crabs and it was great. Did the buffet at the Bellagio and it was so-so.. my hotel was okay except that its high speed Internet access was not high speed... And when I complained they told me it was because they were full...

"Your ad," I pointed out, "doesn't say that you have high speed Internet access except when full..." Somehow my logic failed to impress them, but they did make a modest reduction to the room bill...

I liked it better when I was younger... heck, I liked everything better when I was younger.. But what I don't like about Vegas now is that there are lines everywhere... and they were always there, but then they were small enough that a modest tip could take care of things... Now you can't even figure out who to try and bribe..so I just ignore anything with a line associated with it..

And I use to never rent a car. Cabs were, and are plentiful. But now every ride is $10.... and with $4.00 gas I would guess they are losing money... Most are minorities, I would guess Muslim and have limited English. But all were polite and didn't scare me too badly when cutting across four lanes at a 89 degree angle..

And like the airlines, in my past lives the men wore suits and ties and the ladies dresses that were chic and pretty. Now the men wear jeans and cut offs and the ladies wear shorts that they really shouldn't...dunlops aren't a pretty sight...

Las Vegas changes but never changes. It remains an island of things that appeal to our baser desires. Some have called it Disneyland for adults. Others have said it is Disneyland for adults who never grew up.. I find that taken in small sips it is lovely, but like super rich food it can cause problems with digestion and the arteries....I fear that its culture now reflects the culture of the country..just as it did 30 years ago.... and if so.... Houston... we have a problem!

"Say good night Dick!"

"Good night Dick!"