Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Books I am reading

I discovered D'Este while looking for a biography on Patton and then Eisenhower. He's retired military so I find him more believable than many authors on military matters.

"Warlord" covers Churchill from childhood through 1945 and although I have read several books on (and by) Churchill I find this one fascinating. It has 101 pages of notes, references and bibliography so you can make a good guess that it is detailed and (sometimes) heavy reading.

Booker is a man made global warming skeptic and this book details in page after page how the hoax was put together and why.

It should be required reading by every high school sophomore and TV news person.

It too has page after page of references and sources but who of the true believers will accept mere facts for the blessings and love bestowed on them by Pope Algore?

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