Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cabbages and would be kings

Another warm day. Got my cabbage reset (the squirrels thanked me) the tomatoes worked out and the okra planted. I'm way early on the okra, but nothing ventured nothing gained!

Cukes and banna peppers tomorrow, maybe yellow squash. Boy am I tired. But not so tired I can't enjoy Pope Algore running away from a teenage cameraman complaining of "ambush journalism."

Not so funny is Michelle Malkin telling us to be cautious over the beating of Bauttsch and her boy friend.

This much is clear: Bautsch and her boyfriend were seriously beaten and injured after leaving a fund-raising event held during the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

Uh Michelle, I guess we shouldn't over react, but can anyone imagine the screams and outpouring of righteous anger if the beatees had been Democrats?

Look. They were beaten by Leftie thugs. And it is okay to say that is bad. Isn't it? I guess that's not too strong.

And then we have Obama kicking the press out. Oh well. After all, his middle name is Hussein. An Islamic Fascist is an Islamic Fascist no matter how much lip stick you put on the pig.

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Don't look now!

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On Twitter I am Lesabre1