Monday, April 28, 2008

$10.00 gasoline??

While $7–$10 a gallon would be ground-breaking in America, these prices would not be trendsetting internationally. For example, European drivers are already shelling out $9 a gallon (which includes a $2-a-gallon tax).

Everytime I read something like this I want to grab the author by the gonads and shake. Look. Germany, one of the larger countries in Europe, is about the same size as one of our smaller states, Wisconsin. So quit with the phony BS.

If we let OPEC destroy our country we will have got what we deserved. It is time to dump Bush and elect McCain. We also need to start understanding that electric powered cars aren't the solution. Can you imagine the "snap crack and pop" when 15 million cars are plugged into the power grid in LA at 7PM?? Can you say, "Overload boys and girls??"

His latest prediction of $200 oil is open to question, since it would undoubtedly create considerable global economic distress. Further, just about every energy expert I talk to cautions me to expect a sizable pullback in oil prices, maybe to between $50 and $70 a barrel, especially if there’s a global economic slowdown.

Duh... You think?

The Romans sent troops to Egypt to promote political stability and protect the grain. It is obvious we need to send troops to Nigeria, Venezuela and Mexico... Along with engineers, technicians and managers to help get the oil out.

Investment Opportunity

It does my heart good to read my very first email of the day and discover that I shall soon be rich.

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I wonder if anyone actually responds to these??