Monday, July 14, 2008

From Europe with facts

What a shame we have to read ablog, the BrusselsJournal to find out what is happening in Portland.

A Zinnlandian I met on this trip, a WASP physician endowed with the best education much money can buy, told me that he does not celebrate July 4th because the Declaration of Independence had been written by a slave owner and signed by other slave owners. He was just as hotly critical of the “racism” of Americans in dealing with the growing Muslim immigrant minority. The conversation unfolded over a bottle of Oregon Vino Pinko, with the likeness of a notorious Cuban mass murderer on the label.

I wonder where the good doctor was when needed.

"One morning the horrible sound of that rusty steel door swinging open startled us awake and Che's guards shoved a new prisoner into our cell. His face was bruised and smeared with blood. We could only gape. He was a boy, couldn't have been much older than 12, maybe 14.

"'What did you do?' We asked horrified. 'I tried to defend my papa,' gasped the bloodied boy. 'I tried to keep these Communist sons of b**tches form murdering him! But they sent him to the firing squad.'"

Soon Che's goons came back, the rusty steel door opened and they yanked the valiant boy out of the cell. "We all rushed to the cell's window that faced the execution pit," recalls Mr. San Martin. "We simply couldn't believe they'd murder him! Then we spotted him, strutting around the blood-drenched execution yard with his hands on his waist and barking orders � the gallant Che Guevara.

"Here Che was, finally in his element. In battle he was a sad joke, a bumbler of epic proportions [for details see "Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant"], but up against disarmed and bloodied boys he was a snarling tiger.

"'Kneel Down!' Che barked at the boy.

"'ASSASSINS!' We screamed from our window. 'MURDERERS!! HOW CAN YOU MURDER A LITTLE BOY!'

"'I said, KNEEL DOWN!' Che barked again.

"The boy stared Che resolutely in the face. 'If you're going to kill me,' he yelled. 'you'll have to do it while I'm standing! MEN die standing!'

"COWARDS! MURDERERS! Sons of B**TCHES!" The men yelled desperately from their cells. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" HOW CAN ...?!"

"And then we saw Che unholstering his pistol. It didn't seem possible. But Che raised his pistol, put the barrel to the back of the boy's neck and blasted. The shot almost decapitated the young boy.

I wonder if the wine left a copperish after taste??

But things go from bad to worse.

Except here it’s the land of the voluntarily submitted, the natural dhimmis. There are no conquerors; not yet. Just like in England or Holland, except the same kind of First World people are submitting to a different kind of Third World people: Mestizo peons here, Moslem hoi polloi there. The submission includes constant panic lest one be accused of the high crime of “racism,” leading to acts of conspicuous politically correct piety as ubiquitous as the jambon serrano sides that hang by custom in the front of Spanish bars since the days when a publican had better proved to Inquisition agents, and quickly, that he was not a secret Judaizer

And it continues.

Starting right here, in this car. “An assault by five teenagers on a North Portland MAX train this week revived worries about mass transit safety since several high-profile incidents last winter,” reads the opening paragraph in The Oregonian’s news today. The story goes on, “Teenage boys and girls punched, used racial epithets and stole the purse of a 28-year-old Vancouver woman who was taking her first-ever MAX ride early Monday evening. The woman, who is white, had just had a conversation with the teens, who are African American and were harassing another woman”.

It’s uncharacteristic for the progressive press of this progressive town – just what are they progressing toward? – to disclose the racial identity of violent perps, since this could dent the very foundation on which Zinnlandia and all postmodern Western civilization are built on: that all people, and all racial, ethnic, gender and national groups of people, are equal in their proclivities, abilities and merits, and are equally deserving of uncritical acceptance. They just have different “narratives,” you see. But it’s interesting how gingerly the racial identity is mentioned, when it is, with what curious, for a newspaper, waste of words. The story could have opened, after all, “An assault by five black teenagers on a North Portland MAX train this week… etc”.

As to the “several high-profile incidents last winter,” the story is less forthcoming. The reader is reminded that “a 16-year-old boy” was just sentenced to 9 1/2 years in prison for pounding a 71 year-old man with a baseball bat at another stop of this rail system. The account does not mention that the “boy’s” name was Abel Chavez-Garcia and his smashing the old (and white) man, Laurie Lee Chilcote, to pulp was also accompanied by racial taunts. One has to fish through another article to find out about the hoodlum that he is an illegal alien. And it takes yet another, much earlier article to find out that Mr. Chilcote, whom the savage “Hispanic” punk has gifted with, among others, partial paralysis, double vision, dimmed hearing and a speech impediment is so brainwashed, good Oregonian that he is, that the only question he voiced after the attack was “what would make a teenager swing a baseball bat at an elderly man.” (1)

The story then goes on to remind the reader that “Weeks after the beating, a 19-year-old man was stabbed in the chest at the Rockwood Transit Center, and on Christmas Eve a woman was groped at a MAX stop in Gresham.” Curious about the identity of the stabber and the groper I do a little research on my laptop, soon after arriving at the Departures lounge of the PDX Airport terminal.

The groper – and it was a full-fledged assault – was a Mario Santiago-Montelongo. More extensive research, later, reveals that Santiago-Montelongo, who got 22 months in prison for this assault, is a Mexican illegal immigrant (2).

And inasmuch as young blacks and ‘Hispanics’ in America produce a widely disproportionate number of criminals, a normal people would demand of its quisling leaders that police and security forces employ crime profiling – including by race, gender, nationality and religion – and that Hispanic criminals be headed off a lot more effectively at the border, rather than courted by US presidential contenders once they have jumped the fence.

But we are still in denial relative to even the first part of the solution, identification. The media are either staying clear of the issue or engaging in its active camouflage. Mute white politicians, police chiefs and judges are being attacked vociferously for the disproportionate number of blacks in prison, as though that, per se, were proof of pervasive white racism rather than of pervasive black criminality.

America’s presumptive president, BH Obama, and all black political leaders and TV talking heads distort every possible crime statistic, with no national politician, even from the allegedly “conservative” wing of the Republican Party, putting them on the spot for it. The black demagogues, and their enablers such as Mr. Obama, shift blame from black criminals onto white “racism,” faults in the law and its application, society etc. The racial “healing” and coming together Mr. Obama sells on the stump is a veiled promise that inconvenient truths will no longer be tolerated, and a trillion dollars more will be dumped down the drain for a “cure” of the willfully imaginary social “causes” of black and brown crime.

For black and Hispanic crime is not the result of poverty or of racism. One is safe walking among the poor in Thailand, the disfranchised Ainu in Japan, or the downtrodden Jews still living among Moslems. Until the crazies took over Islam again, for the nth time in history, a white person could walk – and this author did walk– through the poorest sections of Arab cities without fearing for one’s life. One may sometimes suffer violence at the hands of unemployable young sociopaths in white-only precincts of Birmingham or Bratislava, but murder and serial rape are not a feature of everyday life there.

Everyday, in the U.S., in Great Britain and elsewhere in the West, there are headlines attesting to barbarity, reflexive violence, lack of any moral restraints and grave societal danger posed by large numbers of blacks, Mexicans and Central Americans, Albanians and other Moslem immigrants living among people of Euro-Christian ancestry. When one reads a headline, “Pack of cigarettes ignites 200-person ruckus at Fort Myers gas station,” it no longer matters whether the race is mentioned or the photos shown, because everyone knows. Or does he?

Two young white men in Dallas are locking up their fledgling recording studio. The men and the studio are devoted to Christian causes. Two young black men drive up and ask for a cigarette. A conversation develops that lasts 30 minutes. With this man, who then pulls out a gun and executes the white innocents for a take of $2.

For white Westerners born in the last 50 years are all honorary Zinnlandians. They have grown up indoctrinated to squash their own survival impulses, to be ashamed for preferring their own people and culture, to admire the “authentic” and “noble” savage.

I should not like to single out Portland, Oregon for scorn or ridicule. This type of paralyzing cowardice or suicidal stupidity exists in every American, Western European, Canadian and Australian city I have visited over the past thirty years.

In Portland, the “youth” often just beat you up. In the City of Brotherly Love, aka Killadelphia, the brothers shoot on sight. In Malmö they rape your sister and then wait in ambush for the ambulance. In Epinay-sur-Seine they set a car on fire and then, armed with brass knuckles and iron bars, wait in ambush for the police. France alone has 751 Zones Urbaines Sensibles, and yet its entire fancy elite keep singing in unison of the glories of Third World Moslem immigration. The chronicle of the West’s shame is thicker than a phone book.

A recent London Times article discusses the alarming plague of knife murders in Great Britain, of course without discussing the demographics of the perpetrators (4).

Among the dozens of anxious comments, one, Cris, states, “The black elephant is in the room. 43% of all violent crime is committed by the Afro-Caribbean population. One part of the answer (not the whole of it) is to deport each an every immigrant caught carrying a knife.”

To which another commenter, Piers, retorts, “Typical racist BNP facism; what about the 57% of non-black people who commit violent crime- will u deport them?”

That’s how the cultural left silences the voices of reason and objectivity: blind frothing at the mouth with words like “fascism” and “racism” spraying out with the spittle. For what matters is not which group commits more crimes but how that crime rate relates to the group’s percentage of the population.

What matters is this: Blacks are 3.5% of the British population. Now, when you perceive that 43% of violent crime in Great Britain is committed by members of a demographic group comprising 3.5% of the population, then you are on to something.

In San Francisco, Honduran crack-dealing hoodlums are treated to a city-paid flight back to Honduras with a carte blanche to return, in order to shield them, in this ‘sanctuary city,’ from federal deportation. “The strategy is appropriate, (chief of the Juvenile Probation Department) Siffermann said, because deporting young offenders would doom them from ever becoming productive residents of the United States.”

The boot-wearing young Latinos I saw on my train ride to the Portland Airport are constitutionally unable to indulge in such self-erasing idiocy. Shorter, darker, more primitive and far less foolish, they flow in naturally to fill the vacuum inhabited by the white flip-floppers.

Perhaps the time has come to give more attention to the existential AIDS that has disabled the immune system of the West. There is nothing intrinsically worse about Moroccans, Mexicans or Memphis blacks than there was in 1950. What has changed is the cultural immune system of the Euro-ethnics around the world. The Moroccan in 1950 did not live in Amsterdam, and the Mexican did not in Portland. They wouldn’t and couldn’t. The black was in Memphis then and now, but in 1950 he had the church if he was a good man, and long-term, harsh prison if he was not. Nowadays such institutions grate on the Zinnlandian sensibility.

Opportunistic infections do not penetrate but decaying organisms. Non-discrimination as the central organizing principle of Western society does to a body politic what AIDS does to a living body.

The New Yorker gets it right??

Gee, they get something right one time and everybody gets upset.

Excuse me for laffing on you.

Hat tip to Newsbusters.

Ahdyar always ran in a headscarf

The west continues to misunderstand.

The young runner, who competes in the 800 meters and 1,500 meters, had become the poster girl for the Olympic movement, with her face adorning the International Olympic Committee's Web site.

But being in the international spotlight had attracted the wrong kind of attention. Although Ahdyar always ran in a headscarf and wore long tracksuit bottoms she still received death threats from extremists who objected to a Muslim woman taking part in sports at all.

When she received visits from Western media earlier this year, her neighbors called the police telling them she was obviously a prostitute working for foreign clients. Her father, a carpenter, even spent time in jail until the issue was cleared up.

Now. Is this caused by Islam or is it caused by radicals? And if it is caused by radicals, where is NOW and other women's organizations in the US and Europe condeming the actions?

It remains plain for anyone to see. Only Muslims can reform their religion. When we accept without comment such actions they are unlikely to respond, seeing no support from the world's largest democracy.

Bush and Offshore Drilling

Bush to Demos: Your move.

WASHINGTON — In another push to deal with soaring gas prices, President Bush today will lift an executive ban on offshore drilling that his stood since his father was president.

Don't be shocked dear chums, but the AP is wrong.

The decision to extend the moratorium on oil drilling, which was first imposed by President Bush in June 1990, was expected, even though the current ban does not expire until 2002.

Environmentalists wanted the ban to be permanent, but Clinton said limiting the extension to 10 years would allow the government to review the matter in light of future advances in science and technology

Bush the Elder's ban would have expired in 2002.

You know, it took me all of 30 seconds to Google up the correct information. And it sure looks funny that AP couldn't do the same. It looks like they are trying to hide sweet Willie's part in this damnable mess.

I trust none of you are surprised.

Democrat Promises 2006

As some of you know, at one time I was a regular commentator on TalkLeft, and still do, but not regularly. This morning while doing the Google bit looking for something else I came across this interesting thread.

Note that this was the morning after the Demo win in 2006.

Congratulations (1.00 / 0) (#1)
by jimakaPPJ on Wed Nov 08, 2006 at 06:49:32 AM EST

Well, congratulations my friendly enemies.

I reminded of '74. I just hope your heroes and heroines don't repeat the mistakes of the Ford and Carter years.

Hopefully they won't. Anyway they can't overcome a veto in the House, and no one knows if the Senate will turn.

It will be interesting to see if they are really interested in national health care, gay rights, womens rights... tax reform and drug law reform.

After all, their excuse until now is that they couldn't get a bill introduced. That's over. (New emphasis added 7/14.)

Note that I left out national defense because I remained convinced that the Left doesn't have a clue, and that our enemies will take full advantage of that.

In the meantime, remember that old saying:

"Success is getting what you want
Happiness is wanting what you get."

And here is a prayer for some good luck and common sense on both sides.

And thanks for electing President McCain and VP Rudy.

Who knew I was so smart? Certainly not me or I would have spent that day getting out of the market, but if McCain makes it then he becomes the second winner I have predicted so far out. The other was Reagan, but that was so obvious I really shouldn't brag.

But that's not why I bring the ancient thread to light. Now if you want to go over and read the various insults tossed my way, that's up to you. But the real honor belongs to:

They are making lots of promises (none / 0) (#52)
by Jlvngstn on Wed Nov 08, 2006 at 02:28:42 PM EST

Can we record them here and grade them in 2 years?
No excuses other than vetos now. They have control they should give us:

Healthcare for all americans
Energy independence
economic prosperity
education excellence
Retirement security
Real Security for americans (does this mean they will secure our ports?)
Honest, transparent gov't (lol)
How about a tax code that is not 26,000 pages?

No excuses dems. Stand up and deliver. The clock is running.

Jlvngstn is not all that far to the Left, and demonstrated several times the ability to debate using facts and logic. I wouldn't call us friends, but respectful opponents should cover it. Anyway, a few comments down the thread, he shows where he gets his information.

where to find the promises (none / 0) (#54)
by Jlvngstn on Wed Nov 08, 2006 at 02:30:44 PM EST

Dem Promises for 2006 - Can we have a site or a sidebar where we can track their progress on these initiatives?

Dem Promises for 2006

When you read "energy independence" please don't puke on the keyboard.

So there you have it. A way to remember what the Demos promised in 2006 and to see what they delivered.

It isn't a pretty picture, most car wrecks are not.

But rest assured I will return to it from time to time.

It's the least I can do.