Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Everynow and then

you read a new word or phrase that immediately grabs you. No more of this "illegal alien" stuff that so disturbs those who would give our country away. Instead, William Katz from his blog:
Urgent Agenda gives us this wonderful new description:

Excuse me, I mean intercultural sojourners.

Such they will remain for me in future discussions.

So you don't like either....

McCain or Romney? What's a person to do?

Well, I recommend that you consider this. A primary is about selecting who you think can beat the person who you really dislike.

For me that's BHO and Billary. BHO would be a huge disaster, Billary would be a smaller disaster. Their policies will have us in a deep recession within a year, and being attacked while giving away what's good in western civilization.

I liked Rudy and Fred. They're gone. Huckabee is still around, although I don't know why. The two contenders are Romney and McCain.

I like Romney's background as a family man and the fact that he understands business. But I think he is too soft on immigration, and as a business man he has a natural tendency to compromise and cut losses in the belief that you can always have a second chance. That's wrong in this situation.

Compromising with the current crop of ME “leaders” is stupid, and in war you don’t always have a second chance.

And though it doesn’t bother me, my wife says he is too “pretty.” Now let me digress. Calling him “too pretty” has nothing to do with sex. It is a southern mountain and hill country expression meaning he doesn’t come off as “real.” That trait could hurt him in the GE very badly.

I like McCain because of his military experience. I served 10 years in Naval Aviation and this gives me a huge bias and admiration for what he did, and what he endured. I also like the fact that he isn’t afraid to go against the grain from time to time, and the fact that he says he was wrong on immigration and will secure the border. Will he? All I can do is wait and see.

I also believe that he will be strong on national defense and can run strongly against the peaceniks and the looney Left’s candidates on this issue. I also believe that he won’t accept dumb strategies that aren’t working and knows how to fire military leaders. I suspect the latter trait comes from Vietnam where 99.999999% of the lower ranks knew the strategy was BS and know that we have 58,000 dead because the “leaders,” if you can call them that, were too stupid to fight an all out war we could have easily won.

I don’t like McCain-Feingold, and regret his association with it. I didn’t like his association with “The Gang of 14” but am now glad we didn’t change the filibuster rules. And I am concerned over his tax polices, but here again he says he has changed.

Finally, I think he can beat either Billary or Hussein. And that folks is what this election is about because neither of them will fight the war that we are in.

Excuse me. I have to go vote for John McCain.