Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Paulson and Bernake... take the rest of the week off

Guys, can we talk?

I know you mean well, but look...

Yesterday AM the market was having a nice little bounce, somewhere around up 200 when Bernake made his speech.... It went into a tail spin and lost around what... 300? 500??

Today the market was having a nice little bounce when Paulson made his speech... It went to a tail spin and lost around 200...

So look, just take the rest of the week off. I can't afford any moreof your jaw boning... I am tired of feeding the bears!

Obama, Bill Morris and the G20

I am not a great fan of Dick Morris. He came too late to the side of the angels and I don't think he is as smart as he thinks he is. Two traits that any true southerner would be put off by.

But he does make some astute observations from time.

This summarizes Hussein's associations and why.

Even apart from the details of the Obama/Ayers connection, two key points emerge:

a) Obama lied and misled the American people in his description of his relationship with Ayers as casual and arm’s-length; and

b) Obama was consciously guided by Ayers’s radical philosophy, rooted in the teachings of leftist Saul Alinksy, in his distribution of CAC grant funds.

Since Obama is asking us to let him direct education spending by the federal government and wants us to trust his veracity, these are difficulties he will have to explain in order to get the votes to win.

Now that Obama is comfortably ahead in the polls, attention will understandably shift to him. We will want to know what kind of president he would make. The fact that, within the past 10 years, he participated in a radical program of political education conceptualized by an admitted radical terrorist offers no reassurance.

Why did Obama put up with Ayers? Because he got a big job and $50 million of patronage to distribute to his friends and supporters in Chicago. Why did he hang out with Jeremiah Wright? Because he was new in town, having grown up in Hawaii and Indonesia and having been educated at Columbia and Harvard, and needed all the local introductions he could get to jump-start his political career. Why was he so close to Rezko?

Because he funded Obama’s campaigns and helped him buy a house for $300,000 less than he otherwise would have had to pay.

Not a good recommendation for a president.

Hussein scares me not because of his associations, but that he does appear to be guided hy Alinksy, which explains why he didn't run away screaming. My real problem is this. He is a practical radical. Remember that Marx and Lenin may have set the stage, but it was the practical Stalin who closed the deal..... killing millions along the way..

And no, I don't think Hussein will do that, but as he tries to tie the US economy directly to the G20 the end result will be drastically lowered wages and benefits for the working class. The very people who are now so enamored of him.

Remember dear chums. If we can pass a law giving 700 billion dollars to save the banks and the economy, something appearing less likely every day, we can nationalize the oil industry... the car industry......