Friday, July 31, 2009

Gene Pool Improvement

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Three American tourists are believed to be in Iranian custody after they may have strayed across the border from Iraq during a mountain hike, Kurdish officials said Friday.

Four Americans -- two of them students in Syria -- traveled from Syria to Turkey and then into Kurdistan in northern Iraq, arriving at Irbil on Tuesday, according to Peshrow Ahmed, spokesman for the security manager of Sulaimaniya, where they arrived Thursday after driving from Irbil.


First of all please tell me why I should worry about any American student who is dumb enough to attend a school in Syria.

Secondly tell me why I should worry about any American who is dumb enough to go to Iraq as tourist much less go near the Iraq-Iran border.

Tell Iran, very loudly and sincerely that it can keep them. But, we will take them back if Iran insists and asks nicely.

Obama to release more terrorists

Here's a story about how Obamie is having his Justice Department let judges and lawyers release prisoners from GITMO.

District Court Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle Thursday morning granted Guantanamo detainee Mohammed Jawad, a writ of habeas corpus that could result in his being freed on August 21

Justice Department officials 22 more days to determine whether or not they can try Jawad in a criminal court in the U.S.


The Justice Department says it has "newly available evidence" of Jawad's "involvement with the grenade attack on two U.S. servicemen." But the Justice Department isn't asking for more time to investigate the new evidence. And on Wednesday night Justice Department officials submitted a proposed writ of habeas corpus for Judge Huvelle to sign.

"We have informed the judge in this case that we will not contest the writ of habeas corpus and that we are not detaining Jawad in order to conduct a criminal investigation of his actions," Justice Department spokesman Matt Miller said in a statement last night.

If you will read the link and then follow some more links you will discover that the basic defense is that Jawad was a juvenile, only 12 although that can't be proven, was an orphan because his Mother's new husband threw him out of the house and then was taken advantage of by al-Qaeda types, drugged, trained and while he was present when the crime was committed, he had nothing to do with it and after someone gave him a grenade he was running away screaming "bomb" to alert the populace as he dashed to throw it in a river.

I am having difficulty not writing that he also escorted old ladies across the street, collected for UNICEF and was in the "I want to teach the world to sing" Afghanistan choir group.

And I would guess that some of this is probably true. I have no particular problem believing everything he said right up to the time of the attack. My version has him throwing the grenade and then running away screaming "bomb" to keep anyone from trying to capture him.

So the real question is, should he be tried as an adult?

And why is a court releasing him?

Because the Afghan's captured him and he says, they beat him.

And that is probably true. Afghanistan is, at best, a Fourth World country where people suspected, in his case probably seen, of throwing grenades are given a chance to confess and if not, thoroughly beaten, etc. Nasty, brutish world? Yes, it is.

And while the Left won't condemn hanging gays and stoning women they will rush to the defense of someone involved in attempting to murder Americans and their helpers.

And the facts are that Jawad doesn't claim that he wasn't there, that he wasn't trained.. All he does is provide excuses right out of the "I was raised in an inner city slum" handbook.

So what we are seeing here is an extension of the Left's reluctance to pass judgement on bad behavior and defend the culture of the US.

And dear chums, a culture that will not defend itself will be replaced by another culture. One that is not better, but stronger.

Thanks dear Lefties.