Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rodney King day!

Can't we all just get a long?

1991 – An amateur video captures the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers AFTER he’d led them on a 100 MPH car chase because he didn’t want to get a DUI which would have vacated his parole for his prior robbery conviction.

Got the above from MostlyCajun as a "Today in History snippet."

And not only had Rodney led them on a very dangerous 100 mph car chase, he wouldn't follow orders and kept getting up after being told to lay down. In my world that is resisting arrest.

The police were charged by the state and tried but acquitted. I flew into LAX during the early evening of the day the police were acquitted. The resulting riots were unbelievable. The fires and smoke were visible for miles and my UAL flight used a "ground fire avoidance" approach to do just that, avoid ground fire from the rioters.

The police were later retried by the Feds for "violation of Rodney's civil rights." Of course they were convicted in a clear violation of our double jeopardy laws. I think this was Clinton's DOJ so Obamie isn't the only crook we have had in charge.

BTW, this was the same jury pool that let O.J. Simpson get away with murder.

I don't know where King is now. He has had numerous problems since then and I read somewhere he had wound up back in jail.

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