Monday, April 12, 2010

We skated in 2004 when this

cartoon was published..... But then 2008 happened....

Hat tip to Mike L!
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England continues its slide into stupidity.

Female staff who follow the Islamic faith will be allowed to cover their arms to preserve their modesty despite earlier guidance that all staff should be "bare below the elbow".

The Department of Health has also relaxed rules prohibiting jewellery so that Sikh members of staff can wear bangles linked with their faith, providing they are pushed up the arm while the medic treats a patient.

The Mail on Sunday reported the change had been made after female Muslims objected to being required to expose their arm below the elbow under guidance introduced by Alan Johnson when he was health secretary in 2007.

The rules were drawn up to reduce the number of patients who were falling ill, and even dying, from superbugs such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile.

Derek Butler, chairman of MRSA Action UK, said: "My worry is that allowing some medics to use disposable sleeves you compromise patient safety because unless you change the sleeves between each patient, you spread bacteria.

"Scrubbing bare arms is far more effective." A Department of Health spokesman said: "The guidance is intended to provide direction to services in how they can balance infection control measures with cultural beliefs without compromising patient safety."


This is a sterling example of just how stupid and dangerous political correctness can be. If you don't want to adhere to the most effective method of treating patients then you should just be fired, not coddled and cowtowed to.

Hat tip to Don Surber
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The ball girl

AKA The person who should be playing Left field.

I've used this before but I just love it!

Reminds me of Ginger Rogers having to make every dance step Fred Astaire did. In high heels. Backwards.

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Obama lied

Of course that is no surprise to anyone with an IQ above room temperature but I make the point just to insure that any idiots reading this will get the point. Now, let's all remember that no one but the rich would have to pay any additional taxes...

Tax on Home Sales. Imposes a 3.8 percent tax on home sales and other real estate transactions. Middle-income people must pay the full tax even if they are “rich” for only one day – the day they sell their house and buy a new one.


That is $11,400 on a $300,000 home. And if you think $300,000 is a home price paid only by the rich, well, you haven't bought a home lately.

Of course the seller will just add the tax into the price of the home, or at least try to. Worse, in a down market, it may well force the seller into just walking away and saying, "To hell with it! All I can do now is break even and I ain't gonna pay $11,400 out of my pocket!"

I wonder if the bank will have to pay the 3.8%. If not that's worse still because it allows the bank to undercut the market by that much. Just what we need in a down market.

Actions have consequences and tax increases always have them. A few years ago a tax on certain luxury items almost destroyed the boat building industry

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