Monday, September 1, 2008

Then younger the dumber

I was reading an article in the Denver Post about the demonstrations in the RNC when my eye picked this up in the comment section.

Gary C - Really more of a joke than anything else. Those dudes tossing bricks are doing it for self gratification, not for any real purpose. Anarchists are all really just posers, who want a fight but have no real purpose other than the fight itself.

I agree with anyone who would preach peace. The fall of the Berlin wall happened without one bullet or baton.

Statements like that leave me almost speechless. It also leaves me knowing that Gary C is uneducated and attended a school where the teachers made a point of teaching, "America bad."

Gary C will never read this, but just in case he does:

Gary, have you actually studied the Cold War?? Do you understand that Korea and Vietnam were but proxy wars between the Soviets and the West?? Do you know that millions of Chinese were killed during the battles between Mao and the Nationalist Chinese?? Do you know how many Greeks, Checs and Yugos were killed in the battles with communists in Greece and the Balkans??

Gary, if you read this, please do yourself a favor and start some self education by reading books.

That way you won't remain ignorant the rest of your life and maybe you will understand that the wall fell because its foundation had been washed away by the blood of people fighting tyranny.

Slimed by the Left

It's hot and muggy and my arm hurts and I haven't done a single constructive thing today.

What I have done is hang around some blogs to see what the Left is saying about Palin and her daughter. I have had to stop three times and take a shower. Here are some samples from the Tennesseean Pluck forum.

Calibos - The mother entered the race, all bets are off. They are not going after the daughter, they're going after the mother, but nice try at diversion and hyperbole.

So to get the mother they attack the daughter.

ProudnFree - How terrible for someone to suspect that Bristol may have been pregnant. She is NOW, however.
If this had been Chelsea, you clowns would have been high-fiving each other.

Get over it. Sarah has proven first-hand that preaching abstinence is (and always has been) ineffective. Maybe Sarah should practice that conservative philosophy that says, mothers should be at home with their children.

Again, to get to the mother, they attack the daughter.


Again, attacking the daughter to get to the mother.

POenophile - Well, the McCain ticket was going to get the Tennessee Trailer Trash vote - now they actually have something in common with the Tennessee Trailer Trash vote...

Again, attacking the daughter to get to the mother.

Bill42 - Word is she's pregnant... is this her second child?
How's that abstinence only sex ed workin' out for ya Sarah?

Again, attacking the daughter to get to the moither.

Songdrop - The "child" spread her legs like an adult, so now she can be treated like an adult.

I think he would get an argument on that from a variety of organizations and people.

POenophile - Her mother is the one that brought her to this party.
In a maternity dress.

Again, using the daughter to attack the mother.

Bill42 - Actually we are making a villian of her mother, who should take responsibility for her actions of pushing abstinence only education, but don't let that stop you from spinning!

And using the daughter to attack the mother.

Calibos - You GD idiot. Obama's mother wasn't preaching about "abstinence only" and antiquated ideals about sex and love and marriage.
In this day and age for anyone to have unprotected sex with someone you just met or just began dating is the height of ignorance.

That was in response to:

Zbcki - Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961, when his mother was only 18 years old? Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, was born November 29, 1942. Also, Obama's mother was also unmarried when Obama was conceived?

Never, never, never point out the "sins" of the Left.

But my personal favorite is:

roundbout9 - Catch up, Palin's 17 yr old is knocked up. Momma's abstinence only crap didn't take. Hang your own head in shame that a dumb arse from YOUR political party decided to drag her daughter through this for a slim chance at becoming VP.

If you ever wondered why they are called "barking moonbats" the above should answer your question.

The Left won't fight terrorists

They won't go to war to fight terrorists, but they will attack a 16 year old girl.

What class. What guts.

Members of the lefty blogosphere haven't stopped perpetuating the rumor Sarah Palin "faked" her last pregnancy and are now humiliating her daughter Bristol on the blatantly incorrect suspicion she is the real mother of baby Trig.

"Sarah Palin is NOT the Mother"is the title of this DailyKos blog that accuses Bristol, a completely fit-looking adolescent teen, of having a "baby bump" in a photo they allege was taken March 9th of this year.

"Sarah, I'm calling you a liar" wrote blogger ArcXIX. "And not even a good one. Trig Paxson Van Palin is not your son. He is your grandson. The sooner you come forward with this revelation to the public, the better. " Photos of Bristol with detailed commentary about her abdomen are contained in the post.

Not only is the DailyKos disgustingly inspecting Bristol's midriff with all the fervor of LA paparazzi examining J-Lo's or Jennifer Aniston's washboard stomachs for evidence of a "bump," the DailyKos is wrong on when the photo was taken. It was taken, and published, by the Anchorage Daily News in 2006. Baby Trig, a child with Down's Syndrome, was born on April 18, 2008. That's a long time for a teen girl to be carrying a "bump" which looks nothing more than the curve of a tight sweater.

Where is the party leadership? Where is the condemnation of such actions? Where is Hussein?


If actions like this won't make you puke and change your loyalty, then you have no ethics. None at all.