Saturday, April 23, 2011

MacDonald's employment news

McDonalds Corporation announced plans Tuesday that include hiring 50,000 new employees throughout the nation.

According to KIVI-TV, the news of the fast-food chain’s hiring spree has already sparked interest all over the country.


Wait! Those jobs are no good!

Or at least that is what the Dimicraps and their handmaidens told us about Bush!

While we all hope that the economy will strengthen, the White House’s all-out PR effort today on the economy fails to recognize how historically weak both wages and job growth have been. Most Americans have good reason to believe the economy is not working for them. We should not lower our standards to the point where our leaders can state that our economy is doing great when the typical worker has seen his or her wages drop in real terms over the last four years and when job growth is at historic lows for this stage of a recovery


BTW - That was 1/6/2006 when the unemployment rate was below 5%.

They must be outraged over the current situation.

No? Now why would that be?
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