Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Times Square Attack - Two down and the big one to come?

We have now had two failed attacks in a row, this one and the Underwear Bomber on NW253 that failed. The scary part is that they failed not because of what we did, but because the attackers were, to a degree, incompetent.

Depending upon the stupidity of your enemy is not an acceptable defense.

We can cheer the great police work.

But the intelligence work failed. Again. Just as it did with the NW253 attack and just as it did on 9/11. Remember. The CIA knew an attack was coming, but it didn't know where, when or how. Bush's NSA advised all the agencies on 7/5.

"At the special meeting on July 5 were the FBI, Secret Service, FAA, Customs, Coast Guard, and Immigration. We told them that we thought a spectacular al Qaeda terrorist attack was coming in the near future." That had been had been George Tenet's language. "We asked that they take special measures to increase security and surveillance. Thus, the White House did ensure that domestic law enforcement including the FAA knew that the CSG believed that a major al Qaeda attack was coming, and it could be in the U.S., and did ask that special measures be taken."


Yet almost 9 years later very little has changed on the prevention side. All we know is that an attack is coming.

Maybe its time to quit congratulating ourselves and start figuring out how to prevent them.

The scary part is that with the election of Obama we have returned to the failed "this is a criminal justice matter."

No. It is not. This is a national defense matter and Obama's lack of effort in this will, sooner or later, enable a terrorist who is not incompetent and he kill thousands of Americans.

Parts of this was posted in TalkLeft.
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