Monday, September 28, 2009

This from the New Delhi Pioneer

He may not relish the comparison but it is now becoming increasingly obvious that Mr Barack Obama is the most hostile American President for India since Richard Nixon. In the eight months he has been in office, Mr Obama has snubbed India more than once. He has sent repeated signals that New Delhi is not integral to his Asian security architecture.

The writer acts surprised and I wonder why. Obama has done nothing but attack our friends and apologize to our enemies. And the answer to this is simple.

First, he is a Marxist.

Secondly he is forgiving to Muslim countries. This should come as no surprise. He was raised as a Muslim, went to Muslim schools, until he was nine. He then received no counter education to the undoubted glorification of the Islamic faith he received at this young age. He then spent 20 years in a church that taught Black Liberation Theology.

He was been taught that Christians are bad and white Christians even worse and that Islam is good. Remember, he said that America is "no longer a Christian nation."

So naturally India, with its conflict with Pakistan cannot be "good" and if not opposed, certainly not supported.

Are you surprised at what he is doing? If so then you are dumb. Get busy and educate yourself.

Hat tip to Urgent Agenda.