Friday, June 13, 2008

Just because I can imagine

the double takes by people walking by.

And assuming it's not photoshopped, you have to think these nuns are great people to be around.

My thanks to Trish!

Poker Player to world - KMA

do you know what "KMA" stands for?

PARIS: There is good news and bad news for President George W. Bush as he pursues his valedictory tour of Europe this week, according to a new worldwide study by the Pew Global Attitudes Project.

On the one hand, the image of the United States has improved slightly in many countries over the past year. On the other, the new optimism appears to be driven largely by the fact that Bush will soon be leaving office.

Oh. You don't know what "KMA" stands for? OK.

Let me help you. The "K" is for "Kiss." The "M" is for "My." And the "A" is for a word that has "A" as its first letter and "S" as its last letter.

In case you forget we went to war to bail your butts out from Hitler and then spent the next 40 years or so protecting your sorry behinds from the tender clutches of the Soviet Union. That cost this country a zillion dollars and God only knows how many dead and injured. And all we asked for was enough land to bury our dead.

Yet when we needed help with Iraq, damn few of you stepped forward.

And now I read such dumb stuff as:

In addition, while the prospect of Bush's departure and the excitement of the U.S. primary contest have helped the image of the United States, a worldwide surge in concern about slumping economic conditions and a widespread view that the U.S. economy is harming local economies may tarnish it.

Listen jocko, you didn't have an economy until we rescued you with the Marshall Plan. And hey! We were stupid enough to offer it to the Soviets but they were too stupid to take it!

And then to demonstrate just how screwed in the head many of you are, I read this:

Survey respondents also tend to see the United States as the main offender in global warming, Pew said.

So called man made Global Warming is a hoax. If the earth warms a bit it is because of the bright orange thing in the sky. But right now the earth has been cooling and staying the same for the past ten years. And just to give you something to think about.... Why did Leif and his happy band of sailors name Greenland, "Greenland?" There weren't any cars around back then.... or utility companies...what caused that warmingn trend?

But go ahead and give your government a $40 per ton tax on carbon dixiode. I'm sure that will solve the problem.(Sarcasm alert for the slower among you.)

So feel free to keep on dissing us. We've got a few problems right now but we'll struggle through, and being the dummies we are, we'll probably come to your aid when the radical Muslims decide to take over your countries... I mean what part they don't control right now.

But don't think we do it anymore out of love. We just think it's better for us to fight in your countries rather than ours.

Peace, dear chums. Peace.

This is what they do

when beaten.

Following numerous bloody clashes with U.S. forces in which his militia reportedly suffered heavy casualties — including one in the Shiite city of Karbala during a major religious festival — al-Sadr last August suspended his militia's activities and called for a ceasefire.

And then after they have had time to recoup their losses:

BAGHDAD — Radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr revealed Friday that he plans to create a powerful new fighting force to battle what he calls "the occupiers" in Iraq.

Al-Sadr's announcement came in the form of a statement read after Friday prayers in the holy Shiite city of Kufa. The statement called on his nearly 60,00-strong Mahdi Army militia to exercise restraint.

We're bloody fools for letting this go on. We should tell'em to shove their "truce" up their asses and just wipe them out.

A good idea


OPEC sells oil for $136.00 a barrel.
OPEC nations buy U.S. grain at $7.00 a bushel.
Solution: Sell grain for $136.00 a bushel.
Can't buy it? Tough! Eat your oil!
Ought to go well with a nice thick grilled filet of camel ass!!!

Probably too simple, etc...

But it would be fun if we had a government with balls enough to jerk some of these folks strings real hard. Find out where they lived.

My thanks to Mike L!

Hussein is stupid.

Think that's harsh?

Let's look.

"If we reduce our consumption of oil, that’s what will reduce gas prices. There’s really no other way of doing it,” the presumptive Democratic nominee said in a one-on-one interview with The Post-Crescent during a campaign stop in Kaukauna.

Hussein doesn't seem to know it, but we are dealing with a monopoly. A monopoly has no competition and can set whatever prices it likes. In fact, a monopoly can make more money on smaller sales just by increasing the unit price.

Some of you may remember ATT, aka Ma Bell. It had a total monopoly on the price of long distance call between states, and the size of its children, the regional companies such as Bell South, Southern Bell, California Bell, etc., dominated the local markets. And until the Carterfone decision in 1968 you couldn't own your own phone, answering machine or hook directly into the network.

The result was slowed development of new products and high prices. Ma Bell did provide excellent service, something OPEC has not proved it can do on an on going basis.

Oh. Did I mention that I can now call any place in the US and talk as long as I want and as often as I want for $25.00 a month?

The break up of ATT was mandated by the courts with the government to enforce the rulings. This could work with OPEC but a war is apt to be bloody and disruptive. So that, while not completely out if the West comes to see how badly it is being had, is not recommended.

The way to break up OPEC is provide competition. The way you do that is to start drilling in the US. You can, at the same time, start pushing all the "new" energy technologies and bring them to market as soon as possible.

Now if a ROF who didn't go to Harvard can figure that out, why can't Hussein? Simple. He is educated beyond his intelligence.

Early on in the Great Depression President Hoover opined that if every one went out and purchased a new car things would be great. Hussein offers us the same.

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Barack Obama said on Saturday Americans would start changing the kinds of cars they drive if gasoline prices continue to climb and said he owned a hybrid vehicle, though he doesn't drive it much.

That's it, folks! Just go buy a new hybrid. No problem, right? The bank will just forget about that money owed on the guzzler in the drive...

Now if a ROF who didn't go to Harvard can figure out that out, why can't Hussein? Obviously he is educated beyond his intelligence.

And to put a subtle twist to it, Lefties being big on such.

When we do, OPEC will just increase its prices to make up for the lost volume.