Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Energy Secretary thinks we are stupid.

How do I know? Do I think so because he said this?

Speaking on the sidelines of a smart grid conference in Washington, Dr. Chu said he didn’t think average folks had the know-how or will to to change their behavior enough to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

The American public…just like your teenage kids, aren’t acting in a way that they should act,” Dr. Chu said. “The American public has to really understand in their core how important this issue is.” (In that case, the Energy Department has a few renegade teens of its own.)

No. I think he thinks we are stupid because of this:

An update: Energy Department spokesman Dan Leistikow added: “Secretary Chu was not comparing the public to teenagers. He was saying that we need to educate teenagers about ways to save energy.

If he thinks he can get away with a full of shit denial like that he truly thinks we are stupid.

Well Chu, as Forest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does."


Why I did not retire in Denver

09/22/2009 06:52 PM MDT
The first day of fall in Colorado feels more like winter, and tomorrow's weather should be even more so, with up to 16 inches of snow predicted in some areas.


Sixteen inches???

That global warming stuff is pure hell!

Rhode Island GOP Hispanic politican resigns over illegal alien stance of R.I.'s governor

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- The chairman of the Rhode Island Republican Hispanic Assembly and member of the Republican Central Committee says he has quit the GOP because he was embarrassed by South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst during President Obama's address to Congress on Sept. 9.

Wilson shouted "You lie," when President Obama said illegal immigrants would not receive benefits under his health care plan.

Ivan Marte tells The Providence Journal that Wilson's behavior was "shameful" and "uncivilized."

Marte says he has been disenchanted by the GOP since Gov. Don Carcieri ignored his advice concerning the 2008 executive order cracking down on illegal immigration.

Well, we might as well be truthful, eh?

The final group of DC pics

And I hope you have made copies and distributed them to your local authorities. Lyin' Nancy warned us. Now it is up to us to run these tax paying hard working patriotic citizens down!

Hat tip to Larry P!