Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kundra's old problems now a new problem

President Obama's new computer chief, just restored from a forced leave after an FBI raid at his old office, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft in 1996 when he was 21 years old.

White House spokesman Nick Shapiro refused to say what Vivek Kundra, now 34, stole or whether the administration knew of Kundra's guilty plea before announcing his appointment, but he dismissed the old charge against him as a "youthful indiscretion."

Court records show that Kundra pleaded guilty to theft of less than $300 on Aug. 27, 1996, in Rockville, Md. He was sentenced to supervised probation, community service and a small fine. A case file describing the offense could not be found.


Look, I understand this happened 13 years ago. I remember 1996 quite well. Perhaps you do too. So I mean it wasn't that long ago. And 21 isn't that young. But even after saying all of that, I wouldn't beat up[ on the guy if I knew him personally. Second chances and all of that.

But why do we have to have him as Chief CIO for the President??

Especially with this hanging over his head.

President Obama's new computer chief, Vivek Kundra, is on leave from his White House job after the FBI raided his old District of Columbia government office Thursday, arresting a city employee and a technology consultant on corruption charges, a White House official said.

The charges were lodged against the two men at a federal court hearing as the FBI finished searching the city's technology office, which was led until recently by Kundra.

Kundra is on leave from his White House job until further details of the case become known, according to a White House official speaking on condition of anonymity.

At the court hearing, Yusuf Acar, the acting chief security officer in the city's technology office, was ordered held without bond pending a hearing Tuesday. Prosecutors said $70,000 in cash was found during a search of Acar's Washington home and that he posed a flight risk.


Okay, okay. This is an ex-employee and a vendor and Kundra has just been brought back from the forced leave. But again, why should we have to have someone with these types of things swirling about him overseeing the Prez's computers? I would think that is a full time job that needs no distractions..

I mean, why him? Doesn't Obamie know anyone who doesn't have problems with their taxes or other past legal problems??

The old joke is that Democrats consider things like this resume enhancement. It is looking less and less like a joke.