Saturday, August 16, 2008

Demos wimp back

Gotta love those free thinking Left wing Democrats.


Jerome Corsi is out with a new book attacking Barack Obama.

Fight back by writing a Letter to the Editor.

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Shorter. These are the answers. Pay no attention to the man behind the screen.


Denmark Does Dumb

Besides refraining from using the phrase "war against terror" PET recommends to refrain from speaking of Muslims as a population group related to terror and extremism. Other expression to refrain from using are "jihad", "holy war", "Islamism", "fundamentalism" or "mujahedines".

The suggestions from PET's Center for Terror Analysis (CTA) are intended to ensure that the world's Muslims don't feel suspected of being terrorists and that PET doesn't encourage Muslims by adopting their own terms, like Jihad.

PET suggests that authorities don't use the term "Islamist terrorist" and instead use just 'terrorist'. Other terms suggested by the report are "extremist", "militant" and "violent"

Language supposedly is used to transmit information.

Instead, these PC actions do the opposite.


Words of wisdom

Words of Wisdom

GMJ: In your book, you say you rely on the Zumwalt rules. Can you explain them?

Gen. Honoré: Ah, the Zumwalt rules. I learned them as a major. Admiral Zumwalt was probably one of the smartest officers who has served in uniform. Zumwalt said that when you go before Congress or reporters, be prepared with the three most important things to your organization. [When you're asked the first question], tell them the number-one most important thing that you need them to do or you need them to know, regardless of the question. To the second question they ask, you say the second most important thing that's critical to your troops and your mission. And when they ask the third question, you answer the third most important thing. Then you can get to what they want to talk about.

If it's fifty reporters, tell them you're glad they asked this or that question; that's a tough question. Then tell them the most important thing that the American people need to know because they are a medium to talk to the American people. When I talk to the press, I'm not talking to the press. I'm talking to the American people who hold me accountable for taking care of the troops and accomplishing the mission. Regardless of what question [the press] asks, I'm talking to the American people. And they should be watching me to make sure I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

This applies to any situation. Tell'em what you want.

Only in Texas

is what Mike L claims.... I dunno....

Hey Mike! I remember some of the corps we worked for!!

There are pilots

and then there are pilots.

My thanks to Jimmy M.


PETA has a message for Michael Moore: You’re the Sicko.

The animal-rights group is blasting the filmmaker as a hypocrite for criticizing the U.S. healthcare system in his new documentary, “Sicko,” because they say he’s in such poor health himself.

“There’s an elephant in the room, and it is you,” PETA president Ingrid Newkirk wrote in a letter to Moore.

Somehow I hope both sides lose....