Friday, February 27, 2009

Think about this the next time you see a "star"

Hollywood team in Iran on cultural exchange

Yeah, that's what it said.
A top-level team from the Hollywood movie industry traveled to Iran on a non-government mission, for a weekend of cultural and creative exchange meetings, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said Friday.

It a sane world these people would be run out of the country. Instead Hussein will undoubtedly be praising their efforts to surrender on his behalf.

Great gobs of drizzilng goose shit. It has been a shitty year.


Quote of the year!


Some 'dirtbag' in Polk County Florida who got pulled over in a routine traffic stop ended up 'executing' the deputy who stopped him. The deputy was shot eight times, including once behind his right ear at close range. Another deputy was wounded and a police dog killed. A state wide manhunt ensued.

The low-life was found hiding in a wooded area with his gun. SWAT team officers open fire and hit the guy 68 times.

Now here's the kicker:

Naturally, the media went nuts and asked why they shot him 68 times. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, told the Orlando Sentinel:'Because that's all the ammunition we had !!'

Hat tip to Don, Larry and Bill!