Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama's CIA Chief gives al Qaeda a free pass

The New York Times reported on Sunday that the CIA, under the direction of Cheney, developed a secret counterterrorism program and then was directed by the vice president to conceal it from Congress.

The Wall Street Journal first reported that the program was a classified initiative to kill or capture al Qaeda operatives. Cheney has not commented on the media reports.

Members of both the House and the Senate Intelligence committees learned about the program last week, when CIA Director Leon Panetta told them in classified hearings that he had just learned about the program and had ordered it terminated.

Let me get this straight. Cheney had a plan to kill and/or capture al Qaeda operatives and this is bad?????

Panetta has just found out and he has cancelled the plan?

What in the hell is this beside the absolute most stupid ffing thing I have ever heard of???

Leon. You are supposed to be protecting the country, not giving al Qaeda members a free pass.


It is time to impeach Obama. He has demonstrated an unwillingness to defend the country that is criminal.

Yet the Left says nothing.