Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Internet is all a tither over Leftie

talk show hostess Randi Rhodes saying:

During what was an apparent stand-up routine, Rhodes attacked Ferraro, the former vice presidential candidate, for saying that Clinton rival Barack Obama has benefited in the Democratic presidential race because he is black.”Geraldine Ferraro turned out to be the David Duke in drag. Who knew?” Rhodes said to laughter. “What a whore Geraldine Ferraro is, she’s such a f*****g whore.”

A few minutes later, Rhodes said”Hillary is a big f*****g whore too.” She then suggested Clinton was trying to force her way into the Democratic nomination by manipulating pledged delegates. “Oh, f**k you, okay, f**k you,” she said.

And Air America, the Left Wing answer to Clear Channel, has suspended her.

My question is, why??? Such language and attacks are not unusual. The only real difference here is that we have a Leftie attacking another Leftie and one Democrat who I find to be honest. And no, that's not Hillary.

I truly hope she is back on the air tomorrow. First of all I believe in free speech. Secondly, there is a general election coming in November and it is helpful when the Left demonstrates who they are.

Link Rhodes

But just to remind everyone who these people are, the following samples are provided.

From a 2006 congressional race in MN.

Dear Mrs. Rowley,
It has come to my attention that you have placed on your campaign website a doctored photo of me in which my military uniform has been replaced by a Nazi uniform. I demand that you immediately remove from your website that outrageous and disgusting insult to me, my family, and every man and woman who has ever worn a military uniform in defense of our country....

Your attempts to smear my good name and 25 years of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps by equating me to a Nazi shows a lack of perspective, a lack of seriousness, and a lack of good judgment. You should be ashamed of yourself.

And then we have a little tire slashing in WI.

MILWAUKEE - A congresswoman's son and three Democratic campaign workers were sentenced Wednesday to four to six months in jail for slashing tires outside a Bush-Cheney campaign office on Election Day 2004.

And then we have Bill Maher yucking it up at George and Laura Bush.

On Friday's show, Bill Maher compared Laura Bush to Hitler's dog and the president to Hitler. Of course, this occurred only after Maher showed his viewers phony pictures which he said indicate that President Bush is drinking again.

One picture showed Mr. Bush's face with the words "p***y" and "p**y lightweight" written over it with a marker. A second picture showed model Kate Moss, who was recently snapped while snorting cocaine, doing just that off of what appears to be the naked buttocks of George Bush.

And then we have this about people serving in Iraq.

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, who runs the Angry Left Daily Kos blog, had this to say in a post yesterday about the murders of four American contractors who were helping to deliver food in Fallujah, Iraq:

"Every death should be on the front page

Let the people see what war is like. This isn't an Xbox game. There are real repercussions to Bush's folly.

That said, I feel nothing over the death of merceneries [sic]. They aren't in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them."

It's worth noting that the Daily Kos is popular among Democratic leaders. Zuniga is a principal in the Armstrong Zuniga political consulting firm, which touts the Daily Kos as "the most popular political weblog with over 3 million monthly visits." Friedman has a list of congressional candidates who advertise on the site, and in a February posting Zuniga reported that Terry McAuliffe, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, "asked if I would post" a "Message to Blog Community."

About Zuniga's comments, we have nothing to say. They speak for themselves.

And it so bad that even Lanny Davis noted:

• "Ned Lamont and his supporters need to [g]et real busy. Ned needs to beat Lieberman to a pulp in the debate and define what it means to be an AMerican who is NOT beholden to the Israeli Lobby" (by "rim," posted on Huffington Post, July 6, 2006).

• "Joe's on the Senate floor now and he's growing a beard. He has about a weeks growth on his face. . . . I hope he dyes his beard Blood red. It would be so appropriate" (by "ctkeith," posted on Daily Kos, July 11 and 12, 2005).

• On "Lieberman vs. Murtha": "as everybody knows, jews ONLY care about the welfare of other jews; thanks ever so much for reminding everyone of this most salient fact, so that we might better ignore all that jewish propaganda [by Lieberman] about participating in the civil rights movement of the 60s and so on" (by "tomjones," posted on Daily Kos, Dec. 7, 2005).

• "Good men, Daniel Webster and Faust would attest, sell their souls to the Devil. Is selling your soul to a god any worse? Leiberman cannot escape the religious bond he represents. Hell, his wife's name is Haggadah or Muffeletta or Diaspora or something you eat at Passover" (by "gerrylong," posted on the Huffington Post, July 8, 2006).

• "Joe Lieberman is a racist and a religious bigot" (by "greenskeeper," posted on Daily Kos, Dec. 7, 2005).

Of course the real issue is this. These people vote Democratic because the Demos pay attention to them.

I grew up being told that you are known by who you associate with. I don't think think that has changed.

Another over reaction from

our school system:

CLINTON, Conn. (AP) ― A 14-year-old student at Morgan School in Clinton is facing a weapons charge, accused of tinkering with a disposable camera to make it capable of zapping people with an electrical charge.
Police say the camera, modified according to instructions available on the Internet, had been converted into an improvised electronic demobilizing device similar to a Taser.

Seeing as how we're losing our technological edge to other countries this kid should be promoted.
Police say the student never managed to use the device because a teacher intervened.
School Resource Officer Kyle Strunjo says the makeshift device is potentially capable of a 600-volt shock.

And I am potentially capable of winning the lottery. And it isn't the voltage, but the current, which in this case would be almost nothing.
The 14-year-old student has been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds, attempted assault and breach of peace.

What a really dumb thing to do.

We used to play "King Stick" in school. I remember someone came to school with a large shank of metal pressed to the side of his stick, and then wrapped. For this well thought out technology advance in "King Stick" warfare he was rewarded with what always happens when one side gets a large technology advance. He won game after game.

Today he would have been arrested for having a dangerous weapon, counseled about violence and made to hate education.


Back to Hussein

A few weeks back a few folks noted that Hussein defined his white Grandmother as a racist, or a least reacting as a racist. By and large this was poopooed as a means of keeping his black base happy while throwing an few bones to the white populace who were disturbed by the comments of his Minister of 20 years.

If you take that view, then he is a cynical politician playing the race game.

But the comment wasn't new. He didn't think it just then. And when you understand that, his remarks reveal some very disturbing attributes.

As the title intimates, the figure in Obama’s carpet is his father, a Kenyan exchange student who met Barack’s white, Kansas-born mother at the University of Hawaii. After marrying her and fathering Barack, Dr. Obama - as he was universally known - returned to Kenya to take up a high-ranking government position. Thereafter, he showed little or no interest in Barack, whom he met only once, when the boy was ten. Though Barack’s mother had a brief second marriage that took her and the boy to Indonesia, she raised him mostly in the Aloha State - and, by his account, was unfailingly selfless and loving, as were her parents, “Gramps” and “Toot,” who helped bring him up.

Yet on whom does Barack’s memoir focus? On his father - whom Barack, against all evidence (which suggests that Dr. Obama was colossally selfish and narcissistic), seeks to portray as heroic, sympathetic, indeed near-mythic. Obama p√®re was a polygamist (and a lousy husband to all his wives), but Barack gives no indication that he finds this morally problematic; on the contrary, he seems determined to excuse his father’s many failings as consequences of imperialism, colonialism, and/or racism. One can, of course, well understand why a small boy - or even a young man - might idealize out of all proportion the father he never met. But Obama shows few signs in this book of recognizing that he’s doing this. Meanwhile, perversely, he treats his mother and grandparents, who by his own account raised him with extraordinary devotion, all but dismissively. At one point he even suggests that Gramps and Toot were really racists - and that all white people, in fact, are racists, and that black people have been so deformed by this racism that black individuals can hardly be held responsible for their own moral lapses.

Forget the content of our character; this is a work preoccupied with skin color. It’s drenched with the legacy of Malcolm X (whom Obama, at least in this book, openly idolizes). At times it’s as if there were no historical injustices in the world other than those visited upon blacks by whites. Obama routinely refers to other black men (but never white men) as “brothers”; he exhibits considerably more concern for the dignity of black men than for that of women or non-black men; and he’s acutely sensitive to perceived racial slights (yet even as he deplores the subordination of blacks in America, curiously enough, he appears to accept as his due his family’s lofty position in Kenya). While occasionally gesturing toward an ideal of colorblindness √† la Dr. King, in his heart of hearts he’s anything but colorblind, fervently endorsing black solidarity while repeatedly expressing distrust of, and even contempt for, whites. When, lamenting Kenya’s intertribal rivalries, he tells a relative that “We’re part of one tribe. The black tribe. The human tribe,” the last three words feel like an afterthought - as does his attempt, in the book’s closing pages, to move beyond strict racial line-drawing and to articulate broader sympathies. As if all this weren’t enough, it seems clear by book’s end that his heart’s home is not America but Kenya

I especially love this comment from an obvious Hussein supporter.

It’s amazing you can write all those words and make outrageous accusations and fail to include a single quote from the book to back it up.

I especially love when you say Obama suggests: “that all white people, in fact, are racists, and that black people have been so deformed by this racism that black individuals can hardly be held responsible for their own moral lapses.” How can you write that and not provide any evidence?

I wonder if the writer now has his evidence. (Remember the above comments were written in the first week of December '07.)

And there is little said about his father by the MSM. And while the sins of the father do not carry to the son, this article from the UK's Daily Mail paints a man who, a best, has acted in a manner not acceptable to middle America. Hussein's evident devotion to him again calls his judgement into question and an "in your face" attitude that is scary when you think of him being President.

This race has become about race. It did that when Hussein started. He can't help that he has received majorities of 85% to 95% from black voters, but his support from college educated and upper middle class whites indicates that their support is based on a "white man's guilt" that is undeserved and ignorant.

There needs to be better reasons to vote for a candidate than his skin color.


$5000 rebates

California is offering rebates of up to $5000 to those who purchase approved electric cars and whatevers. Which leads me to note that I remember when a new car cost a lot less than that.

I also note that this whole GW thing is vastly unfair to the poor. I mean, do poor people drive new cars?? No. I mean catch the next clunker you see smoking down the highway and you find a POOR person driving it. Give them $5000 and I'll bet you they will upgrade to a 10 year old clunker rather than a 15 year old clunker. But no. Instead they give the money to someone who, if they wanted to sacrifice to stop GW, could cut out the Starbucks and pay for the new machines on their own.

Gesh. I mean really.