Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The war must be over

I mean I never hear about it. To think that only six months or so ago Harry and Nancy P were declaring the war lost and condemning the thought of a new strategy... well... I hardly know what to say....

Actually I do. What we have here is not a failure to communicate, but a wonderful display of media bias and the Demo's belief that politics trump everything and the objective is to win at all costs, not the war, but political office.

Try this, and it isn't original with me.... Note that almost any news article you read that is negative about the person will identify their political party in the first few lines if Repub, not at all or much later if Demo.

But back to my point. I think this says it very well.
If you wanted to see the perfect example of the ethical and moral collapse of the Mainstream Media, you could not do better than a long article in the New Yorker of May 23, 2005. The article is entitled, "The Spy Who Loved Us." Written by a teacher at the University of Albany, named Thomas Bass, it's about a man named Pham Xuan An. Now very old, An was -- among many other things -- a correspondent in Saigon during the Vietnam War for Time magazine. He was apparently considered a particularly brilliant and well-informed correspondent and very well liked by his colleagues in the Western press corps during the war.

He was also a Communist spy, working for the North Vietnamese informing them of what he knew about American military plans, troop movements, political agendas.

He even helped the Communists win large battles by directing Vietcong and North Vietnamese troops against American and South Vietnamese forces. He helped plan the Tet Offensive of 1968, including helping the man who planned the attack on the U.S. Embassy. This was the offensive where thousands of innocent civilians were massacred by the Communists.

If the New Yorker is one of the flagships of the Mainstream Media fleet, they are sailing in maddeningly disloyal, contemptuous waters and obviously have been for a while. Small wonder the media gloried in Mark Felt and Watergate last week. In those days, Americans actually trusted the Mainstream Media. The New Yorker piece by Prof. Bass makes it clear how wrong we were. He's a fine writer but a man whose piece lacks any moral compass at all. And what of the fellow journalists in Saigon cheering him on? Now we know a bit more about why the war turned out as it did.

Link to article.

This time around the MSM has tried, but they haven't quite made it. This time we have the Internet, cable news and Talk Radio.

Talk Radio, of course, is under attack by the Left, and the Demos by claiming that it is unfair, and we must have a "Fairness Doctrine" in which a station must provide equal time to opposing views. That sounds great until you realize that it would just kill the shows because the stations wouldn't want to be involved in the complaints, lawsuits, government investigations that would be sure to follow,

Think about that the next time Obama says he wants "change." Think about that the next time Hillart wants "fairness."

Think about a world where the MSM controls what you see, hear and read. Think about this:

I don't Think US should be the Leader of the World

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