Sunday, December 16, 2007

With apologizes to Shakespeare

otherwise known as that dude who caused us much misery in Senior lit, the question has become….. To torture or not to torture? That is the question. I mean we all know that only the evil ones of the world torture. And torture is immoral. Right?

Oh, really?? Let me pose a scenario to you. This afternoon you drive over to your local shopping center to shop. As you get out of your car you see an elderly lady walking towards her car one row over. You can also see two young thugs semi crouched between two cars, obviously waiting to mug her. As you start to move, one of the thugs sees you and makes a threatening gesture. Do you yell at her? Run at the thugs? Honk your horn? Dial 911? Or stand frozen in place, watching them jump out, grab her purse, knock her down and dash off?

If you chose to do nothing, I submit that you have just committed an immoral act. You have committed a sin of omission. We are our brother’s keeper.

The Left in particular, and some fuzzy headed Republicans are currently bent out if shape over waterboarding. I’m not.

This link says why.