Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Leftie demonstrates a lack of knowledge

I love it when Lefties make fools of themselves and give me an opportunity to demonstrate it. Following the bouncing ball….

Matt said...
You're stupid, OK? Could you provide a link to Verizon or Comcast's information about inauguration coverage? I have doubts about the voicemail you say was sent to you. Are you aware that changing of the president peacefully is really the biggest news this week? It's not just about Mr. Obama, but also about a democratic, peaceful transfer of power. This post of yours is not putting America First (tm).

ppjakaJim said...
Matt, you are the typical Leftie.

First, you do a personal attack by calling me stupid.

Now. I gave you two links to the sources which you evidently can't figure out how to use.

So who is stupid?

And electing and installing a new president is not news. We have done it 43 times before and this is the 44th.

(Yes, there was a world before you were born!)

What is news is Verizon, a telecommunications company urging its customers to watch.

What is news is Comcast, a cable TV company with no cable competition in most of, if not all, of its government regulated markets providing an "all Obama" channel.

As the author said, that's how it is done in dictatorships, not in Constitutional Republics. (In case you don't know, the latter is us.)

Now you would think that after being shown up so thoroughly Matt would cease making a fool of himself. Nope. He isn’t that smart.

Matt said: You're still stupid, dearheart. The inauguration of a president is news. It has happened several times more than 43, by the way.

Uh Matt, you need to learn to read. I wrote:
And electing and installing a new president is not news. We have done it 43 times before and this is the 44th. Uh, you see the point??

It was news every inauguration before Tuesday, and Tuesday is just as big as every one of the others.

Regarding your supposed voicemail from Verizon, I just don't buy it. Did you record the message? Is there any way someone else can verify this message? Has anyone else recieved a similar message? No, no, and no. I have doubts that it happened. What purpose would it serve to tell people they can watch the news? It doesn't.

So, you don’t buy it. Did I record it? Matt, do you know what a link is? I gave you a link to the guy who made the claim. Do you have the vaguest knowledge of how these things work? (He’s obviously a polysci major dear chums, don’t expect him to know anything about how anything works.)

Yes, Comcast and Verizon are covering the inauguration. So is literally every news organization in the world that can afford it. Why? Again, it's big news.

Matt, you don’t seem to be able to understand. But since you can’t read, that is no surprise. The issue isn’t that they are covering the inauguration, but that Verizon has called their customers and urged them to watch it and that Comcast has devoted a special channel. That is a worship service, not news coverage. BTW – Verizon isn’t in the news business.

You hate the guy. It's apparent in how suddenly an inauguration of the most powerful person in the world is not news to you and yours. You have the right to hate him, and I wouldn't attempt to stop you from hating. Just be honest about it, OK?
Hehe. What is obvious is that you are dumb as a rock. Now. If you want to comment you are welcome. But if it has another nasty personal attack I’ll edit out what I want and see if I can demonstrate how foolish you are.
Forewarned and all that.

Obama's prayer leader has terrorist links.

One of the religious leaders invited to address Barack Obama’s inaugural prayer service Wednesday heads an Islamic group named by federal prosecutors as a co-conspirator in a terrorism-fundraising trial in Texas.

Ingrid Mattson, president of the Islamic Society of North America, is scheduled to join Christian ministers and Jewish rabbis offering prayers for the new president and his family during a service at the National Cathedral in Washington, organizers announced Friday.

Mattson’s group calls itself “the largest Muslim umbrella organization” in North America. However, in May 2007, federal prosecutors included ISNA on a list of nearly 300 co-conspirators filed in a criminal case charging that the Holy Land Foundation of Richardson, Texas, funneled more than $12 million to Hamas.

The U.S. government designated Hamas as a terrorist group in 1995.

A trial in Dallas in 2007 for the foundation and five of its leaders ended with acquittals and mistrials. However, Holy Land and the five officials were convicted of all 108 charges in a second trial last year.

The standard excuse for things like this has become that Hussein's team has done a "poor job of vetting" whoever and whatever.

That works about one time. After that, and especially on this, and with Hussein using the forbidden word, Hussein, in the ceremony, it becomes that clear that Hussein is saying to the world, "In your face!"

Now all you "oh so reasonable let's correct the wrongs of the world people by voting for The Chosen One" can stand there with smelly brown stuff all over your face.

He was raised in the Muslim faith. He toured the Muslim world while in college and spent twenty years listening to Black Liberation Theology and its connections with Jew Haters.

What didn't you understand? Obviously you understood nothing.

Link to Politico

Verizon and Comcast go all Obama

The worship service has started.

Yesterday, I was all set to write a smug, self-congratulatory post regarding my tremendous wisdom in finally dumping Comcast a few weeks ago for the complete Verizon Fios package, including cable. With Comcrap now establishing an all-Obama channel, isn’t it finally time to make the switch?

Sadly, however, Verizon did something yesterday that I think is far worse: it left a rambling, pre-recorded message on my home answering machine imploring me to watch his “historic” inaugural, using a tone that assumed we are all liberal Democrats and Obamists.

That’s the worst aspect of the Obama cult/fad/American Idol victory (or whatever you believe this is really about): we are all compelled to participate. Like it or not, Obama is being shoved down our throats through a daily pressure campaign that permeates every aspect of our lives. Resistance is truly futile.

Between Pepsi cans, newspapers, magazines, television, clothing, bumper stickers and just about anything and everything else, there is no escaping their Messiah’s divine image.

That’s EXACTLY how it’s done in North Korea, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Cuba and other assorted basketcase banana republics across the globe. Is this still America?

You know, I think tomorrow that I will wander down to my local Verizon store, pay off the early cancellation fee and get a new provider. I don't need stuff like the above and I certainly don't need to spend money with them.

Link to above's source.

I would also do the same if I did any business with Comcast. But I don't. For those of you that do there is Direct TV. And soon, at least in Tennessee, ATT will be offering cable TV over your phone lines.

Details on Comcast:

Do you need Obama coverage 24 hours a day? In several markets, Comcast cable is launching an all-Obama, On Demand channel. (In D.C., it's channel 963).

Link to above's source.

Hat tip to Newsbusters.

Obama and Germany and Obama 2.0

This is the first time that we have seen a political organizatiion directed from the White House, separate from the National Parties and with no external controls.

At the risk of being called an alarmist, you have to go back to Germany under Hitler to find such a thing.
President-elect Barack Obama announced the formation of a new group known as "Organizing for America" that aims to continue the grassroots advocacy that the former Illinois Senator began in his presidential campaign.

"As President, I will need the help of all Americans to meet the challenges that lie ahead," Obama said in a video message e-mailed to supporters (and reporters) this morning. "That's why I'm asking people like you who fought for change during the campaign to continue fighting for change in your communities."

The new group will be the flagship of "Obama 2.0" as many people have taken to calling the transformation of the political organization created during the 2008 campaign.

Washington Post

The Nazi Revolution