Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Short Post

Question: Why did the Left and the MSM hate Rudy?

Answer: Because he could have beat them.

Advice to Rudy: Go to whoever sold you the strategy of waiting until Florida and thump them. A lot.

Pogo said

We have met the enemy and he is us.

He was a wise swamp critter.

One of our local talk show hosts has been in a morning rant about a private business getting a large chunk of change from the state, county and city to improve his business. The justification is, of course, that the "common good" will be served because it will make the area more of a "tourist attraction." This will result in oodles of additional business, more jobs and more money for the state through sales taxes.

In this case the amount is $50,000, which is chump change even for local government, but a fair stack of coins to most of us. To take a closer look, that would require collection of 9% in sales taxes on about $550,000 dollars in additional business to get the money back. The guy wanting the money is in the restaurant business, specializing in a very good buffet. I would say the price per meal is probably around $15.00. That would be 36,666 additional meals at $15.00 each, or about 100 meals... two people per table, 50 additional tables... looks doable. Right?

Well, maybe. But an increase of $550,000 per year in gross business is pretty large, so the pay back period would probably be two years, or more.

And then there is that "additional" matter. Simply put, if he doesn't "improve" his business, then won't the local people looking for lunch and dinner just go somewhere else?

Ah, but that's where the "tourists" come in. And if you believe his plan and theme for the attraction is sound, fine and dandy.

But evidently the owner has reservations, as well as the local banks... Otherwise he would have borrowed the money and got busy making more money without coming to the public trough. Wouldn't he??

As I said, smart critter that Pogo.

Too bad I can't say the same about us.