Thursday, May 28, 2009

Obama has become Obamie

A lion?

A mouse?

Several people have commented on me calling Obama, Obamie. By and large these are Lefties, the same ones who objected to me calling Hussein, Hussein. At that time I explained that I did so because it was his middle name and that when we started letting politicians tell us what we can call them we were in deep doo-doo.

I thought it obvious that I also disliked his politics but in case you missed it I despise his politics. There now. I hope all his plans fail.

But I call him Obamie for a reason, not that I need one. And before I tell you what it is I will note that nicknames for American Presidents is an old and treasured tradition. From Ike to Tricky Dick to the Cowboy to Bubba to W (and a host of others) we have honored our supposed leaders with a sneer and a one finger salute. And they have been the better for it. We got rid of Kings and such and until now, I thought the deal permanent. But watching the minions of Obamie I must say I am concerned.

Now, why do I call Obamie, Obamie? Because it is a diminutive expression. And I am convinced that he deserves it. He has spent a lifetime having things given to him and the result is a spoiled brat who angers easily yet when faced with real power bends his back and kisses the ring.

The Germans have now rung in with Die Maus. The Mouse. They too have taken his measure and given him a name that fits.

A friend asked me what I thought North Korea would do, not because he thinks I would know more than he, but for conversation. The answer of course, is simple.

North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and all our use to be allies and enemies will do as they please. Nobody pays attention to an Obamie.