Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bits and pieces

It's early evening here at the Palatial Retirement Compound, and a pleasant day it has been. Too wet to plow and with no especially shocking actions by the Demos to report I have piddled around all day. Sometimes retirement is good.

I keep promising myself that I'll do a serious post on why we need National Health Care but I am just to lazy to attack the subject.

There have been a few fun things today, such as the Demos trying to act like Hillary's 66% win means nothing. And then we have John "The Channeler" Edwards endorsing Hussein 57 as if anyone cared. I do see that Edwards is being pimped as Hussein 57's VP. Oh well. What's the saying...? To be a good loser requires practice..

And just to show you that Oklahoma wants change, Muskogee has elected a 19 year old mayor... and just to show that His Honor has been paying attention...

"I think that's been a detriment to the trust of the citizens of Muskogee," he said. "Once we have that trust, we can solve any other problem."

Huh?? But I digress.

Following up on the University of Colorado wanting to hire a conservative professor,Tom Tancredo, the bane of all the cultural sojourner backers, has a plan.

The outspoken opponent of illegal immigration is suggesting classes in "English Only 101" and "American Assimilation." He's also proposing a 20-foot-high fence around the border of the university's Boulder campus.

And I am sure Tom would start every class with this song.

Speaking of Oklahoma.... I am reminded that when I was going through prep school a Bud and I bought a 1936 Chevy that had been hand painted....yes with a brush...dark green... One fine Saturday we had persuaded two young ladies to go on a picnic to one of the local "lakes." Needless to say we buried the car up to its running boards, and consumed a fair amount of beer..Or was it we consumed a fair amount of beer and buried the car up to its runnung boards?? Anyway a Deputy Sheriff came along, determined we were in the service of our country and helped us get the car out... and let us go with a cheerful reminder to be careful.

I think I can say that there has been a cultural change since then.

All's well that ends well...

Well, I guess....

VANCOUVER, British Columbia—An immigrant family accidentally left a 23-month boy in the Vancouver airport and learned he was missing only when contacted during the next leg of the trip.

Well, at least the grandparents made it.

Jun Parreno, the boy's father, told The Vancouver Sun the mix-up occurred Monday as he, his wife and two grandparents of the child, J.M., were scrambling between their arrival in Canada and a connecting flight to Winnipeg on Air Canada.

Maybe you have seen this one.

Maybe not. Anyway, click on the link for some fun.

And my thanks to Grant M.

Congressional approval at record lows..

The telephone survey of 1,017 U.S. adults indicates 18 percent of those interviewed May 8-11 approve of the current Congress. The score matches record lows from similar Gallup polls in August 2007 and March 1992.

What I want to know is who were the 180 knuckle heads who decided that doing nothing about drilling for oil in the US, which is key to lowering oil prices, approved.

I mean I have met some dummies in my life, but really....


As Brother Dave Gardner

would say, "Rejoice dear hearts!" Finally a wee bit of sanity in the cultural sojourner battles.

RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina's community colleges will no longer admit illegal immigrants, returning to more restrictive policy on the advice of the state Attorney General's Office.

Frankly I didn't think NC had it in them.

But other things remain in a sad state. Hussein 57 minions have now decided that if you are white and don't vote for Hussein 57 you are a racist. No mention of the fact that Hussein 57 is getting around 90% of the black vote. Racist is as racist does, eh??

Perhaps this position is being taken because Hussein 57 hasn't won a majority of the white vote since Reverend Wright burst on the scene, Weathernman Ayers came into view and Hussein 57 made his elitist comments to his San Fran Bay Area buds...

First we had persuasion... Now we are shamed... I wonder when the threats will come??

And under the heading of "I aint believing this," the University of Colorado wants a conservative professor.

Chancellor G.P. “Bud” Peterson surveys this landscape with unease. A college that champions diversity, he believes, must think beyond courses in gay literature, Chicano studies and feminist theory. “We should also talk about intellectual diversity,” he says. So over the next year, Mr. Peterson plans to raise $9 million to create an endowed chair for what is thought to be the nation’s first Professor of Conservative Thought and Policy.

Of course not everyone is pleased....

Mr. Peterson’s quest has been greeted with protests from some faculty and students, who say the move is too — well, radical. “Why set aside money specifically for a conservative?” asks Curtis Bell, a teaching assistant in political science. “I’d rather see a quality academic than someone paid to have a particular perspective

Maybe Hussein 57 can fill the position after his defeat this fall.... Surely that would satisfy Bell's demand for quality...

In the "So what?" category we find that:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate, in a direct challenge to President Bush, voted Tuesday to temporarily halt the shipment of thousands of barrels of oil a day into the government's emergency reserve

"So what" because most of the price run up is due to speculators, and "so what" because this doesn't do a tinker's damn towards fixing the supply problem. Why?

Earlier, the Senate rejected a broader Republican energy plan that called for opening an Alaska wildlife refuge and some offshore waters to oil development. Supporters of the measure couldn't get the needed 60 votes to overcome a Democratic-led filibuster threat.

I can't figure out this "filibuster threat" BS. If I was running the Repubs I would force the Demos to filibuster. It would be great theater. Just think of the hand maidens to the environmental wackos standing there in front of God and everybody on FNC defending low supplies and sky high gas prices!

I wonder if Rove needs an assistant.....

Later, dear chums!

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