Sunday, February 8, 2009

A face in the crowd

Click on this and see what technology can do. Zoom in and check out the faces.

Hat tip to Jimmy M

I can get it for you wholesale

So I have been dragging my skimpy behind around for a few days with what the Docs have described as "a light case of the flu."

Okay, works for me, but why must they add, "It would have been much worse if you hadn't had the flu vaccine." Hell! The blanking vaccine so thoughtfully paid for with your tax dollars via Medicare was supposed to prevent me from having the flu!

The second question is, where did I catch it? I avoided all human contact, washed my hands continually and smeared alcohol gel over everything that moved... well, almost everything. Of course the flu is a virus and enjoys a bit of alcohol as a cocktail on its way to you your lungs, or stomach and other regions.... or at least that is my best and only guess. Could it be that the vaccine companies, like we have all guessed about the software protection companies, kinda juice the dose every so often, just to keep the world interested in their products?

"He had only a light case of flu because he had his flu shot!"

Of course I am not that paranoid. At least not yet. But if a realization that the idiots are truly in charge is not enough to drive what meager amount of sanity we have left in this society over the edge then nothing will.

I mean there is nothing like a low grade fever to zap the sense of humor every time you read or hear...

"The moderate Republicans..."

What the hell? Are there no moderate Democrats? Are they all radical San Fran Nancy P worshippers and devotees of Surrender Harry? I mean there must not be any because I never hear of any moderate Demos.

What's even worse is to hear, "Blue Dog Democrats..." There Aint No Such Thing As A Blue Dog Democrat. They are Democrats! And because of them we have San Fran Nancy P in charge of the House and Surrender Harry in charge of the Senate.

But people are stupid. The vast majority have no idea as to how bills get introduced in Congress. They have no idea of how the majority party heads the committees and have the majority of the committee members and can block or pass a bill to go to the floor. I repeat. The vast majority are stupid. They think Mr. Smith has gone to Washington and everyone is just dying to cooperate and everyone wants everyone's priceless potential law to be debated and voted on.

I have known the above, the stupid part in particular, for a long time. But it was recently impressed upon me at my local barber shop while I was under the shears. One of the local whodoos opined that he wished the Republicans would have blocked the porkolus bill from being voted on. I could not resist.

"Who did you vote for in the House?" I asked.

"Well," he shrugged and sighed, "Old X didn't have any opposition so I voted for him."

Old X is a Demo. He is often called a Blue Dog Democrat.

"You could have written someone in," I offered.

The whodoo stiffened. He is not use to such comments from a member of the returnee retirees, even if they do own more property, pay more taxes and in general keep the damn local stores open.

"Overall he has done us a good job," he declared.

"Do you realize you voted for Nancy Pelosi?" I asked?

"No," he said. "I voted for X."

"Same thing."


"Do you understand how Congress gets organized?"

"Of course." By now his face had turned red.

"Then you know you voted for Nancy Pelosi."

Am I the only person in the world who has been thrown out of a barber shop?