Monday, October 26, 2009

Good bye Mr. Liberal

Liberal are a dying breed.

Or so says Gallup.


But, like too many polls, I think they ask the wrong question.

It is the LEFT that commands a too high 20% number. Most people I know are for equal opportunity and the various other "rights" that the Left seek to claim that no one but them believe in. (Of course they also believe strongly in your right to ONLY agree with them.)

Of course there's some disagreement about gay marriage and abortion but many people don't care if Joe marries Jack and really only oppose late term abortions. Surprisingly, I even find that many know that our drug laws are totally screwed up and we need to set down and take a long hard look at them.

But the same guy who is willing to call terrorist attacks "man made disasters," punish people for what they thought instead of what they have done and not condemn radicals who stone women, hang gays and plot to nuke Israel, want to be called liberal.

And we let'em get away with it. They aren't liberals! I am a liberal! They are Lefties!

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Profiling in Chicago

Chicago - A well-known bar in Chicago's Gold Coast is being accused of racism.


Six African-American men in the group were denied entry to the bar last weekend.

Student Regis Nurayi says the bar's manager told them their jeans were too baggy.

But Murayi didn't buy it.

So he switched jeans with a shorter, white student.

The white student, who now had very baggy jeans, was let in, and Murayi was still kept out.

The students held a protest in front of Mother's last Sunday, and there's a meeting about this issue in St. Louis on Monday.

The students are considering a lawsuit.

Yeah, got'em cold. Profiling no doubt.

I just love it when Yankees are caught out.

Of course the jury in that lawsuit might remember that it is mostly black gang members that wear baggy clothes as a way to conceal their weapons. It use to be called the LA Gang Look.

Maybe the students... black, white and in between.... might consider wearing suits instead of filing lawsuits.

You know, set an example. I mean you folks wanting to be lawyers, societal leaders and all that stuff.

And yeah, I know that would mean that you can't do what you want, which is to conform to another societal norm rather than setting an example to that other norm.

Life's a bitch, eh?


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